pal festival

Yes, but imagine all those people who bought aska- for a very long time considered one of the best if not the best pal- and they paid a lot of money for it and now its suddenly available for everyone and for FREE?

Of course no one is/was forcing them to buy her but still, DE created it this way from  obvious reasons and nowadays Ceres and Janus are both easier and cheaper to get- even for free

I personally found it in a free checkout. that you withdraw twice a month in the daily rewards. you know not everyone can afford to spend hundreds of euros for a game. you must also have luck

So you can purchase Festival Chests, you have a chance to get items from them. You can also do the Festival Battles and once you reach 15 crowns you’ll get a chest too. :slight_smile:

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I actually got one in the first item of today’s chest 

Thanks for the reply Gala. However, the chest gives you the currency to buy the pal. Maybe in between you can get a perk too.

You get a chance to get some Hero Items with Pal Perks too, along with the currency to buy the Pal. I got some. 

What Else Can you get?


Yeah managed to get Aska from a pal chest and I am a free player. So you can get lucky and get it.

Me, too.  Two.  They’re coming out left-and-right.   Good for melting-down!


what is better? keep them until the last minute and open them all or we can open them separately. Which method give more chance to obtain stuffs? 

Chances are equal.

I know but you have 1 pal chest per month and you have to be really- really lucky :wink: maybe some day ill get her too

Thanks Flare! This festival has proven me that this is not my game. I am a big looser, it is extremely challenging, I hardly can leave the tent. (I am lvl 100 and 3880 trophies.)

Let me find some other game which has no this loot box mechanism (I will not pay any more for chances)

lower your trophies???

Also how many chests did you get first day? i got my first chest around 10 am today and there was no second chest right away, just a cooldown for next attempt. On previous festivals there were 2 chests available at the beginning?

Seriously, I should drop trophies what I earned in PvP to get nearly nothing in a PvE game? And it is just an assumption, Flare never mentioned it, so… 

Anyway, I got 2 chests, the first around midnight (CET) the second about 10 minutes ago. (you know collecting the 15 points by 32 fights (more than 6000 breads) is not what I am going to do again.

and needless to say I can earn much more money by attacking heroes than in this bloody festival

this is how it works, difficulty scales with trophy count- it was always like this. Hmm so its 1 chest per day only…

What do you need trophies for lol? :wink:

Ninjas only  :slight_smile: you know how much pearls we need to have all spells, units and towers maxed. 

War is coming in few hours, so the timing is not the best, unfortunately. Anyway, you are right bigfastfox. 


Regarding chests, It just turned 15 minutes ago to 2nd day, so I got 2 on the first day.

Trophies are only nice for ninja event, for the rest it’s for show. So make sure you get a set of farm gear (6 different items) and just after start of ninja event, drop trophies by 1000-1500. After (or during) war season, start to gain trophies by using match maker with same farm gear wardrobe. 

My farm gear wardrobe has triple speed, enough leadership and I need 22 bread. I even use this set during the pal event. It saves bread. And fights are that easy that you can chose how many raids you need, by deliberately ignoring some towers. 

Even during war season it can be good to have lower trophies. Not only do you give less skulls inside COF, more important is that lower opponents pick you as target and when they do, they either don’t score a lot of trophies or resurrect and scroll and give you gems. Best scenario is where players raid, scroll and resurrect and still fail miserably.

5 days 23h left and i can fight for the second chest… WHY? HOW? did i missed something 1 chest by starting to play today instead of yesterday? How long 1 festival chest is available? Is there any info about it?


I hope Flare will answer

but seriously why they do not like to share such info?? oPelle’s wiki is much useful than Flare’s own site for the game (not the forum), but until when you should complete the first run to get the second one on the first day is not there… 

Think that is right if you do not start within certain time you will not get 2nd chest at start.