Pal Flute Boots Perk

My level 2 pal flute is currently at 5.8 seconds transformation duration through 4 forges.

If I get Blood pumps (pal flute boots) at a 6794 pal flute buff, will that be enough to add 1.2 seconds to my duration and make it 7 seconds? If not, does anyone have an idea how much time ~6800 points adds to pal flute?

Also @madlen why don’t spells just tell us how much damage/healing/shielding/duration/cloning we will get instead of showing some numbers that are probably used in an equation somewhere?

Assuming i have a pair of boots with 9000 pal flute power which gives 0,9s more sec i assume it goes at 0,1s more every 1000 power so i guess around 0,7s more for you. Not sure however :wink:

I see now. Since it will be at around 6.5s then, the best option would be to level up the spell one more time since forging will probably take the rest of the year and a lot of pearls.