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Dear Kings and Queens! Your amicable pals, demand attention! We’ve spotted many unveil their inner beast, we wonder why?!        image.jpeg

IGN - AwesomestKnightest 

Tammy The Tame (A Tongue Twister)

Tammy twas a tame terror in Tasselbary. The thoughts that Tammy taught were now taught to be terrible. Tammy could not tolerate this teaching. Tammy did trot to Tolenbar, where King Tarnace stood. Now King Tarnace kept a terrible toxic in his tunic. When hearing Tammy’s teaching story, Tarnace took his toxic from his tunic. “Too true! Today and tomorrow and the day after that, Tasselbary shall teach Tammy’s true teachings.” Tarnace took to Tasselbary with the toxic tunic. When the teachers saw Tarnace through the tower, they saw Tammy with him and saw the Tammy drink the toxic. Tammy was now a terrible and towering Tammy. The people took cover and thought they would die, but tame Tammy knew it was wrong. It was one of “Tammy’s Teachings”. Tammy’s teachings now are taught, no dares to touch them.


_ Tammy’s wish: _
It all started when a little Tammy was bullied by every pal known to existence because he looked fluffy and had a healing power , however one day he decided to leave pal-city and after some months of roaming he met this kind king G1nasis who took great care of him fed him and gave him shelter, in exchange Tammy fought with him in every battle and always healed him. One day G1nasis was going to feed Tammy but he heard him crying and saying that he is weak and he wants to become a monster in order to protect the kind king, so the king gathered all the wizards and asked for there help they told him that there is a magic flute that could make any pal a monster but only for a few seconds the king was so happy and rewarded them a lot of gold in order to bring it. The next day King G1nasis was fighting a brutal war ,he was losing and almost got killed so he remembered Tammy’s wish and the magic Flute  ,he blow hard in it and Tammy became a huge monster and took down all the enemies and healed all King’s wounds, he was very happy that he started healing enemies after the war was finished.

IGN: G1nasis

Great story @G1nasis

@AwesomestKnightest thanks :slight_smile:  it could be better the end is so short i corrected some mistakes if there is other mistakes tell me :wink:  

Who shouts like a bear and heals like a dear…

Love is his great…if you keep him upgrade…

Saviour of you life…if you don’t trust your wife…

His name is Tammy who can be FLUTE be me.


I little lines for me best pal tammy…

Ign: king MPS

IGN: Parasite2689

Me and my Bucky,

At first not that Lucky,

Than came the flute to ear,

The opponent ran out in fear,

Ooh my cute fluffy Bunny,

Rubbing your vicious tummy,

With your shield we go to war,

Together we will get far.




Ying and Yang – The Beast Within.

Even as a young boy Fourofjacks was terrifying. He was strong beyond his years, however this strength came with a terrible rage. Fourofjacks had an inner beast that hungered for battle and destruction. As he grew stronger this lust for battle became harder to satisfy, he bested the strongest knights, hunting became far too easy. Unsatisfied for too long Fourofjacks would enter into a terrible uncontrollable rage, his strength multiplied, his beast within unleashed. Initially this transformation was in mind only, his appearance displayed no apparent change beyond the bloodlust in his eyes. But then slowly his transformations started manifesting in his body – larger, stronger limbs, and his family sort spiritual help.

Against his will Fourofjacks was subject to an exorcism, his inner beast was a part of himself and he did not want to let it go. The exorcism went on for days, the beast finally expelled from his body. Removed from his body the beast refused to part ways still, eventually manifesting itself as a panda he named Tammy. While separated the two were still deeply connected in their thoughts and feelings. Like ying and yang the two are always perfected balanced in their state of mind. If one gets too relaxed and calm, the other enters into a rage.

Other the years Fourofjacks has learnt to use this to great effect. As king while looking after his people within the castle walls in calm state, Tammy is transformed into a terrible beast unleashed on anyone who would attack the kingdom. When he himself goes out to battle Tammy never leaves his side as a trusted companion. More recently Fourofjacks has learnt to harness his beast bond further having found a magical flute which soothes the mind. By playing the flute in the middle of battle is able to enter a tranquil state allowing him great control in transforming Tammy into a terrible beast. Even with the magical flute it is hard to stay relaxed in the heat of battle, but with more practice Fourofjacks has been able to keep Tammy transformed for longer periods.

IGN: Fourofjacks

ign: Dena4

Raiding an opponent with my kaiser pal, he is cute.

Suddenly the sound of battle is interrupted by a strange sound, is that a whistle of a magical flute?

Totally confused I look in the direction of my pal and it’s what I have feared.

My pal totally vanished, he just disappeared !

He is replaced by a fearsome monster, a very strong and nasty beast . 

I realize my pal has been converted, it will be a slaughtering feast.

I ask the mummy to pinch me, I must be dreaming.

But I realize it’s the truth, since I hear the enemy screaming.

Enemy troops get scared and start to run away.

I am happy, this beast is going to save the day. 

Such an ugly monster is one of the scariest creatures you ever have seen.

But what the hack, it’s now almost Halloween.

In my mind I start to have a lot of pleasure :wink: .

This monster is definitely going to help me, to steal the gold treasure.

But then I realize the stupid beast is running behind my troops, it’s not even close to the right spot .

I need to hurry to and get him in front of the battle, there he is needed, there is where the action is hot.

I quickly run behind him and desperately try to push him in front of my troops, there his assistance is needed.

But of course…  :slightly_frowning_face:   he doesn’t cooperate and I lose a lot of time to get him where I want and by that time the rest of my army is completely defeated. 

I still have idle hope that my beast will arrange it, since a lot of damage will be done. 

My hope goes up in smoke when I see him turn back into a pal, the chance of a victory suddenly vaporized, it’s totally gone. 

That certainly means end of the raid.

I will definitely not win this fight, I will not be able to break the gate.

The outcome of the battle has been manipulated by the magical sound. 

I have had enough of it, let’s bury the flute deeply under the ground. 

Laying defeated and broken on one knee,

I will stick with my cute little kaiser pal, no longer a beast for me.

My pal sucks, so does flare, just gimme the gems, the rest I don’t care


IGN: Dehock

True story here

Speed up my pal flute to max, want to try it out using Kaiser pal and boom I died vs a random base from MM very quickly! Lost 40+ trophies, was so angry I thought Flothaboss was lying to me again with his video!! Thinking of all the gems I wasted to speed it up, could’ve use them to buy 5 pro tickets instead I said to myself…

Then I realised I was on luck/farmer setup ? spell is actually pretty damn strong with Kaiser, probably better than Phoebe haha, silly me…I tried with few other pal but it had to be Kaiser for me, sonic ability just too strong and it gives 33% gold bonus too! 

IGN : Kim Yura

ign: cutcher


a poem for pal kaiser:

when kaiser reacts to the sound of the magical flute - he turns into a beast and is not anymore cute

listening the flute makes him wild - protecting the hero like his child


Tammy smash

One day tammy went on strike. He was using only as a pet. But need to transfer him to a giant. He tell his master to build up a spell for him. He found it hard to make it. Finaly he made it. Then tammy was happy


IGN: Hadd1
No gold to unlock a spell

Makes me not very well

Unless flare make a step

And ‘Flute’ that gold up

Elderdrak  is stuck

In this small trunk

Flute is the only way 

But needs to wait 7 day’ 



Flute stand for the spell itself flare use it to make that gold huge lol
PS: added some lines just to make sure that it is a valid entry 

I use to love tammy but now i feel like he became weaker. Now, i mostly use kaiser and bucky. With the help of flute, i hope tammy will ragain his reputation and become my number one again. ?  


IGN: James the Quenqueror 

_ His master was suicidal, and attcked by foes and about to fall on the path in the forest of Himalaya,India. The pet, sensing the severity of the danger, put in his best efforts to save the man’s life. The man was the King of the great India… The pet did all that he could if he were a super pet. And yes, he was. Because in his efforts, he was successful. But the timing was a bitch. The foes saw the pet on the path and applied the emergency giant beast. The pet was too small in size to face that giant beast…As he gave a new life to the King ,the King fall in love with the pet and applied his best magic,called Pal Flute and suddenly right on the spot, the pet got a huge size to face the opponent’s giant…Then he showed something magical against all the foes…And finally that was the best war ever…The King with his army and the giant pet able to killed the opponent’s giant and foes and saved India’s respect, freedom…Then he took the animal as his own pet…As he took the pet as his own pet and as one of the world’s most selfless being to have ever lived,he named the pet Tammy…And the most trustworthy pet ever he got. _


_ IGN :  _ King Mainak. ?

I do not like it on a base

I do not like it for the chase,

I do not like it here or there, i do not like it anywhere.

I do not like those pals and flute,

So here or there I will not toot!

This spells unforged !!! not yet beaut.


Ign: whatsago 


(confused? refer to Dr Zuess… green eggs and ham. its implied as things in poetry are :grinning: )



One day a pal came to see a witch,
And to please her brought her a sandwich

Dear Witch, my name is Bucky
And I would like to be an Easter Bunny

Today anyone I can shield
But I would rather please the kids

I want to bring a lot of joy
In the heart of girls and boys

Please make me much bigger
So I can bring them tons of Easter

The witch had pity
And said “I will help thee”

But as soon as she triggered the flute
The pal stopped being so cute

"Maybe you don’t remember
But 2 days ago you ate my sister

Now feel my wrath
I am gonna kick your ass"

He jumped on her and cut off her head
And that is how the witch was dead

After all that to recover
Bucky ate all the Easter


IGN: Bacchuse

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