Pal Flute Informations

Hey guys, this pro league i was not sure if i should use pal flute at all, because Janus jsut feels so much weeker as offensive beast.
My pal flute is only level 3 so i can not even perk it. I do not understand this spell at all so i have some Questions.

  1. what is the max duration you with perks? (i know yu can always keep perking but at some point there will not be any difference) without using pal flute items

  2. can we get a List with the pals that get stronger as offensive beast? and how to use it with different beasts? i also do not really understand the offensive beast stats it seams like some beasts lose their strongest abilitys when you use pal flute

3.wich pal is stong as offensive beast in wich situation? do i use the pal flute in different situations? some offensive beasts against strong waves, some against towers, some against the enemy beast?

I don’t know the answer to your questions but in Pro League everyone has the same strength, so it doesn’t matter what level your spells are in the rest of the game.


It’s my understanding that Pal Flute is practically useless without the Blood Pump boots, which allow the special power to be enacted twice during one spell cast. I haven’t done the Pro League yet this week so not sure if we have Blood Pumps. 

You do have blood pumps, the battlecry effect is very useful, as is letting your morale build for when the portal(s) appear.

The Pal Flute is horrible, imo. I don’t have the Blood Pump boots, but it does indeed look to help it out a bit

yes i know, that everyone has the same equipment, spell levels etc in pro league. the pro league is just the reason why i am interested in that spell and how to use it effectivle, how strong it can be when forged (i think some max level players forged it a lot maybe) and i want to know what different pals do as offensive beasts (the information you can get about t he offensive pals in the game are not very specific and a lot of pals feel weaker with flute)

Добрый вечер , вообщем не нашла свою тему поэтому решила спросить тут , вчера вечером закончился сезон нинзя , я с утра отьиграла последний корабль и уехала , в игру зайти не могла , сегодня вернулась вечером домой , скорее зашла в игру , а там пусто ни сундуков ни нинзя , полный ноль и у ребенка на акк тоже самое , но ведь на открытие сундуков обычно дают два дня и не у меня одной такая проблема

Good evening, I did not find my topic, so I decided to ask here, last night the ninja season ended, I left the last ship in the morning and left, I could not go to the game, today I came back home in the evening, rather went into the game, and there it is empty neither chests nor ninjas, full zero and the child has the same on acc, but after all on opening of chests usually give two days and not at me one such problem


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In the professional league I did send a castle gate with Janus Beast…

Look at 2: 30 pls …They returned only as much as they sent to the castle gate.

Janus Beast is like that