Pal Flute Spell


i find out that the Pal Flute Spell is not used by the most of people. This last Spell that Flaregames provide is very expensiv and can be forged with 600 pearls in the end.

At this costs it must be a really powerfull spell, but it isn’t. So i think about that Flaregames have to improve that spell.

I think eeh easiest way is to implement a new power, for example a level depent “shock”.

At the moment its only nice to have and to see the animated biests, but its too weak compared to ultra oder black magic spell.

Pal flute is used by many players in the 5500+ trophy range. It’s not useless at all. It’s all about the right combo

Pal flute is so powerful that it might actually be next on the list to be nerfed. No I’m not being sarcastic. It’s really THAT powerful. Inb4 players saying they have invested so much in the spell =p

The spell is too weak … maybe your Pals/Biests are max and thats the difference. ?

In sum i think something is missing on this spell. ?

Iam a medium level player. Only have medium level pals. Pal Flute is a spell I use more often and it is very powerful also. You just need to find a pal that works for your combo.