Pal Flute - Transform Duration

Is it worth to forge more than 7 seconds of the Transform Duration on Pal Flute?

The forge of that spell is very expensive, so I want to know in advance if my pal can drop 2 specials if I forge it more.

Currently I have 7.5s transform duration (including blood pumps). And yes, it’s worth to forge upto 7.5s, to cast 2 special moves of pal by using flute spell once!

Btw I too would like to know is there any chances for casting 3 special moves @single flute usage? 

So far I noticed differences in Beast abilities.

For instance, Ceres can cast 2 abilities with 7 seconds pretty much  every time. His downtime between abilities seems to be lower. And he casts his first time a little fast than aska for instance.

Aska pretty much only gets 1 ability per pa flute usage someitmes and ceres 2 times very consistently. But it also depends on enemy. If you use pal flute and there is nothing that your beast can attack it won’t cast its ability as it only does so after it during combat and never out of combat.

In this regard I think Flare should improve the AI a little. Support Beast should be able to cast their abilities out of combat. For instance Tammy, Bucky, Aska, Ceres. If you need heal and use pal flute tammy wouldnt heal anything unless it’s in combat. But what if you need the heal but there is nothing for tammy to attack, so no heal? same for aska and ceres. No enemy to attack = no additional troops. This is a big flaw in the design.

I forged my flute upto 7.5s and it is enough for aska to cast 2 spells in single flute usage! 

And as you said, it feels like(no attack = no heal, no troops) is a kind of flaw in offense 

Yes Sorry you are right, I didn’t specify the Spell duration. if it is 7 seconds aska can’t cast it 2 times while ceres can. That’s missing,  thanks forpointing it out.!