Pal flute

Hello !

I have a question : why does pal flute say 7 seconds of battlecry in the description and in game it is only active for 3? I know this is not a visual bug because the effect is also applied for only 3 seconds. Normal battlecry scroll has the red aura for as long as shown in the scroll description. 

hi for me the effect is there…the aura is fading out after 3-4 secs but the knights are still in red and running like their a**** are on fire for the remaining time ?


for me  the effect fades right away after 3 seconds exactly and i tried also the scroll just to be sure. 

The red Battlycry effect is gone after 3-4 sec. maybe post it in Bugs or open a ticket at Flaregame support

ok i will try to send a ticket cuz it is weird

Hi there, I have also moved this to the bug section. fyi

thanks ! i didnt know where to post this tbf

@Madlen   Any News about this Bug?

Hey guys,

Sorry for the delayed response. ? We checked the issue you’ve reported and indeed, when the Pal Flute is pearl-upgraded, the Battlecry VFX is shorter than the effect itself. That means, the effect is working as it is supposed to but only the VFX is not visible for the whole duration.

We also added the issue to our database. So, thanks a lot for pointing it out again. :grinning:


Hello @Sasch , i think this issue is still open, right?

… i count today the seconds of the red battlecry aura only ~ 4sec.

The Units are not important, and random… and i my pal flute the battlycry aura have a duration of 7,1s