Pal Flute

Update 3.8 introduced a bunch of stuff, but also offensive Pal Flute stats. As soon as I looked at it, it didn’t seem quite right:

  1. Why in the world would there be  health  labelled on the offensive Pals? Do you think that there might be a hidden health bar, maybe a few skull bombs could kill the beast? I dunno - stupid and a waste of space. And weaknesses and resistances - I mean, really?

  2. Why can’t you actually find the info from the Pal Flute spell? Madness!  You have to go to ‘Pals’ to find it, surely the pal flute spell should have a button.

  3. Vicious Bucky beast has a bug in the stats - doesn’t show the damage of the egg aura; instead shows speed with a strange egg icon. Pfft.

  4. I remember @FTB saying that Irmgard (the pal) would have a health stat. Not yet it hasn’t.

  5. I also recall in @FTB youtube video on pal flute, he mentioned that the level of the beast (In offense) increases with the level of the pal. Not on the stats it doesn’t.


They have managed to get pal flute working in ninja event! Hooray. Classic flare; fix old bugs and new bugs come out.

Side note: Why have all the spell, unit and tower icons been shifted down slightly on the info menu? Strange.

Hello YYthebest, all the bugs (1, 3, 4, 5 and side note) will be fixed and released in the next version :slight_smile:

Number 2: Upgrading the spell has no consequence on the power of the offensive beast, so it would be confusing to add a button here. Upgrading Pals does have an effect, that’s why we chose to put the button in the pal’s menu.


Ceres beast is bad. How can the beast be weaker than the little pal? Flare logic



The amount of Morale for the offensive beast is intended, for this reason:


You can get 2 powers for every offensive beast.

For a hero level 100, if you take a level 10 Ceres Pal, you will have 19 spirit morale.

The offensive Beast will be level 10, with 16 spirit morale… that you can have 2 times using the trick above = 16 +16 = 32 spirit morale in total!


So yes it is intended :slight_smile:

With 5 spirit morale offensive Ceres beast can’t copy nothing. max 5 knights, 1 cannon or whatever little combo comes out. Pal itself can copy more units even at lvl 1.

Minimum for a level 1 offensive beast is 7 morale for a hero level 100.

You are describing the level 1 of a pal for a hero level under 100, when there are 9 other levels after, it is normal to not have the full potential of a pal with its first level :slight_smile:

Okay it looks like the current values displayed ingame don’t represent the real balancing of this offensive beast, we will release the fix as soon as possible so it displays the real value that it should be for you, sorry about that.

Thanks FTB

What does kaiser beast actually do? It shows gold protection in offense makes no sense and its ability is way wesker also. I got kaiser leve 10 and my king Is 117

Just in case you lose gold while running… :wink:

Is possible to cast two beast habilities without this boots?

Use cape from dungeon!

Is it possible to get 3 casts if cape + boots + many perks? 

I thought the cape boosted BM and the other one boosted pal’s normal attack.


May be you are right! my mistake)


If Flare give us another itens to increase the time, yes. But as KKStar said, the dungeon cape increase Pal normal attack.


@FTB is possible to cast the hability two times only forging the Pal Flute, without the boots?

Question is whether the pal flute spell is worth it. In comparison to all the other spells that is. 

Well I know it also depends on the pal you are using, but speaking about a general use of it.

Anyone already got Experience with different pals and pal flute?