Pal PL

phoebe does not work properly in PL… I do not know about you. It does not heal every time… usually every second time…

More like it doesn’t care of setting the hero as 1st priority but heal your 1 archer or paladin that’s going to die in the next seconds… 

So… Does it mean we cannot rely on the pal to help getting a nice score?

Or is it just impossible to have a nice score, given that? 

Will anyone say something? Do I have this problem alone? will it be corrected until the end of the pro? do I have to wait 2 minutes for healing under the snake tower?

I guess you better not wait under the snake tower  :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe I was wrong - in front of the snake tower. : D

Phoebe does not always heal the king if there are other troops nearby; it has 11k heal and that is it, when it uses the 11k, it will heal no more. Try to run away from your troops when phoebe is about to heal so it will heal only you.

so why I have phoebe on my account and always heals - I always have many ogres / necro.

There’s nothing wrong with Phoebe. Flare just wants pro league to be difficult so they put a lousy pal in. =P

There is nothing to correct about him. Phoebe works as intended and also with the blessing scroll. Try the scroll for free in your defense, you can see it works the same way with the same randomness included of which troop/hero heal. But…

Don’t hope that Phoebe “heals” you always or most of time (because it’s not about healing, his work is just placing the blessing spell - the blessing itself decides what heal :stuck_out_tongue: ) if you have 5-6 troops around you with few health. To turn around this you have 2 options:

  •  stay far from those troops with low health to increase chance that your hero get healed because Phoebe follows you;
  • run back, more likely the troops in the back have always full health and while you don’t have, you can trust that Phoebe will heal you.

DO NOT solo play in this pro league, even if Phoebe is good pal for solo play because of his huge amount of health it can give (this mainly for high gameplay where you have multiple types of gears therefore with multiple combinations and solutions), main towers like frost towers and snake towers that you find on the way in this Pro Pro Cup do easily bring down your health in matter of seconds that your Phoebe still has to charge the special ability (blessing scroll). So don’t rely your life on him. What instead you have to do is to stay more defensive this time.

The fact they put Phoebe with small troops like archers and paladins is challenging. It’s challenging because 1 single troop can absorb all the blessing of Phoebe and die the next couple of seconds. If there were big troops like Ogre, wolf where the morale asked is higher than just spamming archers and paladins continuously, the conclusion would be different. You’d have a more consistent group because you spawn less than usual.

So you might think the trick would be spawn less to get more healing. Unfortunately not. Less means also going slow and don’t proceed at all during the raid (if you consider the last 4-5 levels for example).

Up to you. Good Luck.

I already know why the top ten have such low results. so we’ll do 8 and the time will end, and again 1 chest… I still have a question, what is the damage of stone dragons? because I see that they are destroying anything.

There isn’t damage, just stun and petrification.

Ok, now i all jnderstand. Thanks.