Pal selector in the fight menu

If you have a lot of pals and have used several, it has often happened to me that I am in battle with the wrong animal, that is annoying and often costs points.

It would be nice if you could see in fight menu which pal I use and a directly switch to the selection screen.

(the selection button in the upper right corner is not well positioned and could then be removed)

Images for all Pals I believe are difficult to recognize, the writing as the beasts should do it.

In the picture is a possibility how to integrate it.


perfect will be to see the pal like so:


UPDATE: Names are bad to read, i post a pic with an (i) later in the post, that will work better

The first idea is good, but the second picture is a much better idea. This exact thing happened to me today where I accidentally left Phoebe as my pal instead of Fritz and I lost the attack. Having the image of your pal would be helpful and much more helpful than a pal token that you have to click to find out which pal you are using. +1 from me :slight_smile:  

maybe we can have an Pal icon and a (i) information because pals of a kind looks same, only colours are different (fox, wolf, dragon, bears)

Madlen might have indirectly answered this.

We kind of had a drawing competition.


i know this button but it isn’t usefull … and you not see your pal in battle screen… 

you click on the button and search you selected pal … we got 19 Pals ! 

i believe that change is easy to integrate … a small picture and a (i) for the name of the will be the best solution i think

when we all report that is necessary then Flare will build it

I think so it look perfect for all pals

Thank you with this wonderful idea. Really hope its gonna be into the game in future. I stop counting the number of time I have change my Hero Set and forgot to change my pal and attack with the wrong pal and lose battle. So +1 for me too. Really needed in the game. I really like the Icon of Pal to be sure you see which one you use

Sorry to be the party pooper here :slightly_frowning_face:

As for the battle result screen and there being no pal, you are correct, but there is also no space for a pal, unfortunately. Especially on small mobile devices, it could be very cramped.

Thank you for the idea!



ich write here your post from another request … and retry my answer:

now we look at the pic and see 4 units pictures to choose and 2 gem spells and one guard (3 pictures) … and now you say there is no space for? that fits good.

I ask in Facebook in the german group and many say atm they forgot to change and thats not good, bad raid, die, etc.

when you now will play we can choose and see one of the 6 guards and no one of the 19! Pals we can choose …

result: all play with one pal … i think thats not the idea behind the pals ? :grinning:



I said there is no space in the battle end screen to show the pal one more time because you said :grinning:


really a good idea?

I’m sorry @Madlen, wooot? but maybe some english misunterstanding  …

I’m not understanding when the devs are include the guardian pic, why they not include the pal pic … we got much more pals then guards.

I know myself, when i see the pal picture, then i will try more then one pal … because i think: Can be work with? -> eris, bela, howl, etc.

Now we have some years a oldshool button in a edge that only some player realize …  i write a ( ) extension in my first post

In my oppion battle screen = overview “all about raid setup” … and pals are battle critical.

nobody had a problem with 4 icons on battle setup sceen, like the battle skills or i  showed the pic here,

I’m sure, on the contrary most will love it


To me I find useless the Guardians icon. I will prefer if Flare can replace it by Pal icons. More important because Pal change with Hero Set A,B,C,D and you cna use wrong pals. You cannot use a wrong Guardian because not follow A,B,C,D. If you have selected Gaspar then you know you have Gaspar. So I don’t see much the utility of guardian icon. More waste space than else. Jesper idea will make us love the game more

If you have A and put Tammy on it if in battle overview you want to use B set can be fun to be able to see in top that change for Irmguard and if you use C for Kaiser and so on…

PS : what they have place this in non feasible idea? when they are stubborn they are stubborn nothing we can do to change their mind. When they decide is no is no. Never able to speak with them. Don’t ask why RR2 have lose close everyone after 5 years. You have the answer here

if your goal is make angry everyone you are on the right step and lose everyone. Don’t please anyone. So frustrating by moment

Pal Icon > Guardian Icon in all way


 I’m not understand why Madlen now closed a running discussion … so many likes here and in Facebook …

so i will ask more devs direcly … @Sasch @Ogerle  You all devs think to see a pal in battle setup makes no sense and is not usefull?

We got 4 or with subscription 8 Setups with different pal … a lot to remember ?