Pal Skins from Roaly Festival any worth?

Royal Festival offers you jugs and then you can exchange it for tokens and the pal skins. Those Pal Skins will they make my Pal troops stronger? If so which one the best?

The skin looks different for pals and beasts.
The ability does not change, but it is easy to determine if it is your own pal or beast.
If you like that, collect and replace a jug. If you do not need it, it is better to exchange tokens and chests.


Thanks for reply.

And If I save Tokens and not use them. Will I be able to add the tokens in next Royal Festival?

Of course, you can buy only a fixed number of tokens at the festival, which can be added to the stock tokens.
Tokens also come from the Chamber of Fortune chest, so they are also added to the token inventory.

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What is your advice I should buy as a newb?

The same skin will not be sold next.(may be)
Please buy it if necessary.:heart_eyes:

Gold and farmer tokens are easy to use.:smile:
You can use Gold tokens when you get a lot of GOLD in Conquest or Festival.:moneybag:
Farmer tokens:baguette_bread: are appropriate for days when you want to capture caves.

Experience token:star: is only one hour. This ends as soon as you do not know the opportunity to earn experience.

Medal tokens :medal_sports:can not be won as much as winning the league if they can not beat the advanced player.It is good to replace after becoming an advanced user.

If you do not plan to use these tokens, it is better to have a Uber chest.There are expectations for quick GOLD, equipment and gems.

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