We know everyone use only Knight with boost and forge the speed and all but what about the Paladin. Mine still at level 9 since like 8 month and I never invest forge or anything on it. This unit is only useful at low level between level 1 and 50

Someone use them at level 90+? Paladin have a role in this game? or are totally useless same forged at +50 and leveled at max? Worth it to work them? or is one of unit we must forget for good and avoid them until Flaregames do something about them.Just I want to know if I must start to max them or forget them and keep them at level 9 and don’t care about them

I know I don’t see them anymore



At high level, paladin are useless. Even if forged they are still slow, cost 3 times more than knight and are easy to kill. I havent seen them boosted that much in top 80 alliance.

I updraded mine at max because they were the only one available to upgrade. Didnt forge them either.

Exactly what I thinking. Upgrade them only when all the others are max. totally useless. Why Flaregames don’t do anything to make Paladin useful? strange

I’m somewhat new and starting to use knights over paladins as i see posts saying paladins are bad.

However my knights seem to die even faster, often not being able to land a single hit on anything.

I’ve also seen posts saying to boost speed and damage on knights, not mentioning HP.


So how are knights much better? They die much faster in my experience.

You can always spam knights and recover your army out of nowhere, unlike paladins.

Indeed I think those guys need a buff

But if they die in the blink of an eye there is no army to substain.

Should a knight have health buffed?

If you are in alliance, your alliance must use a boost called : ‘‘Blazing Knight’’ add fire damage and add Health. If you forge the speed at 38%,up HP and forge damage and use Shield or Heal depend of your preference. You gonna see Knight can be dangerous when you do a army

Some time ago there was a some kind of bug regarding paladins and actually everyone at the top was using them … of course it was a bug so it has been fixed. Personally don’t see anyone using paladins at top or near the top, usually the cost of boost is not worth it, better to boost knights. Even when we get additional spercial war boost for paladins, I don’t think they are any useful with double boost either. Of course maybe if someoen forged them and figured out a special combo he can use them at the top but it is not common so personally I would advise focusing on knights and other units rather than paladins.

Something to make Paladin useful.