Paladins overpowered

Gotta do something with these paladins. All someone has to do is fill their castle gaurd with mostly paladins and you’re going to get only half way and lose like -30 trophies even though their only worth an average of 10 trophies, happens far to often… Even with 3 troop and spell slots. Please fix, it’s getting quite annoying. I refuse to buy any more gems because most of it goes during battle. There’s some point where I’d rather use gems for battle rather than gear. Impossible to get further than 2000 trophies without using gems. Game is very unbalanced, unless you spend real money on a dead end game…

Hi Blaz1n,


Despair not. Paladins are actually not that annoying once you have good range spells.

Once you grow beyond mid 3k, paladins disappear completely because they are too weak.

Below 4000 trophies I would never ever use gems to attack.


Until you alliance tower is at 250k or 500k I would save 100% of gems for that purpose.

A 500k tower will get you in the better alliance with the better boosts. This will get you 400+ trophies, in 72hrs.


When you attack, you get to pick you opponent to improve your chances, select one that offers less than 300 medals.

This should make it easy. Also try to avoid the"all purple" (all boost on) attack screen. just move on to the next opponent


I read above that you have 3 spells slots. Use one of the 3 for either Heal or Shield (best)        

The other 2 for attack spells try to focus on Swordrain and blizzard.


_ Below 3000 raiding should be pretty easy and fun. _


Since I do not know if your alliance uses boost it is hard for me to recommend specific troops but in general

But I would use the same strategy. Improve MAINLY the 3 troops you will be using.

If you do not have access to boosters, consider using: Cannon, knight, froster.


At your level player defenses are usually dismal. so you can run ahead with your king and cast your attack spells while your troops catch up.


Good luck!




Knight Gallant

you probably have a wrong priority (trophies and rank) , wrong attack combo plus also have gone way too high up the ranks for your king’s strength ? drop down a bit , upgrade your spells and units , get better gears and join alliance with knights/archer boost if possible (like Knight Gallant said you need good donation level , 100k should be enough to get into top 200 alliance)

I used to face same problem when i have Low trophy and king levels. I remember i used to equip mortor in my troops to deal with the paladins.Which is not quite effective though.And  Holy paladins are hard to deal at king level 55-70. Dont use firestrom or swordrain(Paladins are resistant to piercing damage.).Unlock

Bladestrom, and Sonic Blast As fast as you can.  They are good spells against Paladin.  

As said above use blazing knight and power archer from troops You shouldn’t face any problem.

Mortars will drop paladins pretty fast and spamming knights will also help deal with paladins waves. Also bladestorm and sonic blast can pretty much wreck them. You need to use proper tactics verse each base, there is not really one cookie cutter tactics that works on every base. Use their weakness against them if the base is heavy paladin pop mortar and knights in your troop selection

I never really used paladins as I always found them too weak, nor have I ever feared them from start to now… and I am pretty sure I can state they aren’t generally overpowered. Even the contrary, in higher levels people don’t use paladins (even boosted) for they’re not useful enough. 


Having said that, I know that they have a nice amount of health, as well as resistance to piercing and blunt damage.

But they also have no ranged attack, are pretty slow, and have weaknesses to regular and poison damage. That makes them vulnerable to e.g. mortars, mummies, knights, wolves, king’s regular attack, as well as bladestorm, toxic cloud and some other spells. Moreover, area damage and ranged damage (e.g. frosters, mortars, …) are quite effective against paladins as well, possibly killing them before they even reach you. 


And generally, if someone massively uses a single unit (e.g. paladins) in his defensive waves, you can see that from the preview and adjust your raiding combo to exploit the weaknesses of that unit. 


If you find the paladins still too hard for you, most likely you just didn’t level up your troops and spells. If your enemies’ bases feature higher level stuff than your offense, you’ll generally have a hard time beating them, independent of paladins, if you are too weak or have to use an ineffective combo of spells/troops. Thus, try giving your spells a priority for upgrading compared to base structures, they make a big difference. 


Another thing are elite boosts - boosted troops/structures appear with a purple color on the base preview and show purple particles in the game. The paladin boost consists of extra health and a “heal on attack” ability. This makes it most effective to kill/heavily injure boosted paladins before they can even reach you (as they can’t heal themselves without attacking). Long-range spells, as well as range troops and (for it’s slowdown effect) the froster can be very helpful there. Another option is using high-damage spells as sonic blast or bladestorm, or maybe a high-lvl toxic cloud against paladins - run into them, cast your spell and run away from them so they can’t hit you back. They will still get the full damage from the spells. 


I disagree entirely!

I’ve never paid money for gems (or anything else in the game). 

I’m level 74, I have 3,110 trophies (and that’s not unusual for me), and I have never used a gem in a raid.  (Except one time my finger accidentally hit one of the scrolls.  I was very upset.)

And honestly, I don’t use Paladins in my defense cause they weren’t working out for me.

If you’re having trouble with Paladins hit them with Mummies!