PAL'S chest a ***** event

Hi Flaregames please don’t do this event again it’s the worst event ever but between 63 members of my alliance only 4 pals found, this is a ***** event so please not again 


This events was not akways like that. When I have restart a new account few month ago. I have got and unlock each Pal one by one and obtain 5-10 pals. I have make video about this. that worked really great until since some Pal events like 2 month ago or around Flare have decided to drop the % so low same 60 members cannot get more than 3-4 pals. So this event is now the most useless event in the game.

So i agree with you in this case remove it. Its just a money trap nothing more. Welcome in business of video games. We are in a new era of video game where developer must drain the most the money from players. P2W content with full money trap. Same a supposed kid game like Disney Magic Kingdom is 100% P2W content. I just find this awful video game are now so low but so low. its no more the awesome video game we have know in 90’s.

  • Full of bugs

  • No more tested

  • No more fixed

  • 100% P2W

and many mores.

the industries of video game have change and its sad… I really miss 90’s years where people was not attracted by money at this point. today the planet is rule by money and nothing less. Yeah I miss so much 90’s you have no idea

Hi iyronal,

I saved 77 daily pet chests for an event like this one…and I found 3 pets in those…I hoped for a better rate than this one…

So now, I open my daily pet chests every day…no points to wait…


I can see this is an issue for many players and I will make the devs aware!

In the last Pal Finder Event i found 4 or 5 pals … in this Event i open most of the 4 hour free chests and got only 1 archimedes

… it seems like a low drop rate this time…

I do like addition of experience boosts. But yeah 0 pals found during event which makes no sence.

I’ts always the same thing with these events: we never find pals

Having a pal event saying “Increased chances to find a Pal (x4)” when the chance is so low…

Makes no sense at all.

0x4 is still 0 after all.

It should make the chance become a greater fixed value instead.

Example: “Chances to find a Pal are now 10%”

If this is too exagerated, just make free pal chests have a 10% chance on event and bought chests 5%.

So it isn’t exploited.

Either way… Having the chance increased by a multiplier is just nonsense right now.

Dnt kno about my alliance, but i too did not gwt a single pal during event

LOL funny the pal event is over and got Howl in a Pal chest. Its obvious Flare drop the % very low during Pal event. You have more chance now to get Pal off event with Facebook link

Before when you wanted to unlock a Pal. You had 40% more chance to get it. Its this way I have unlock all pal one by one with 100% success in each Pal Event. Now I don’t know they have remove it I guess maybe the reason no one get pal anymore