Pals in Pro Chests

Title nearly says it all, but I’ll expand just a tad. Right now, we are unable to receive Pro Pals from Pro Chests. The only way to get them is by spending Crystals. I would like to have a slight chance of receiving a pal from a Pro Chest. Perhaps a 1% chance, maybe 0.5%.

I’m at your side Knightest … i ask that in the november questions as well:

3.    Is it planned to find pro pals in pro chests, or special pro pal chests?
       Current they can only be bought in the pro shop …

but no answer …

a rewards like this in the majority of game i play offer them in chests below 1% like 0.1% at this pourcentage. Why not. You need to open over 500 chests or more to get one. Your patience will reward you with a Pro Pal but not necessary the one you want however

Good idea guys