Pals (or Pets)

Forgive me if this has been suggested already as I’m not very active here on the OR Forum, but I think pals (or pets) would be a great and fun add to the game. Since we’ve had all this talk for quite a while about getting Cerberus as a new type of beast/unit, I thought, what if we had pals. It seems to me like we have enough units in the game and adding another would just take too long for a new player to get too. Imagine a little Cerberus following you as a pal (rather than a unit). The pals would work in the same way the pals in RR2 work. They can’t die and they have their own special ability

Thanks for the suggestion, pals would be fun. However, if we were to add pals to OR, we would definitely have our own twist on the formula, rather than a copy-paste design.