Pals Signing singal

He’ll flare 

Many times i won’t able to see that may pal is going to show his ability particularly when iam among the army or huge army so flare must double up the signing singal which shows that pal is going to show its ability. You must do it flare. you must do something like double up the singal when it is going to show ability. 

Already added with the scream button. Upper one shows the HP of hero and below shows the pals special ability when full

yah i know but all time we can’t see it, but actually iam not talking about that. Iam talking about below circle when pal going to show his ability it creates a circle around him i want it in a bigger wa

So you want a bigger graphic for the pal? I’m not sure how that would help

yah we need bigger graphics 

not only for this pal but for every pal so that player will Play more wisely 

How does this make the player play more wisely, I mean, no offense, but I think you’re idea wouldn’t really do anything to help out a player. All that matters for a pal is his ability bar above whatever pal you have equipped

Playing wisely means if there is u turn with lots of lightning towers and the player has equipped with panda pal then if he got know that pal is going to show the ability by the way increasing the circle then he can confidently cross u turn with the belief of panda is going to heal him so no worries about death. in that way players can play Wisley. 

Ability bar is ok when it fill then it shows its ability but do you know when it exactly going to show its ability without seeing the scream button and it is very hard to see the bar when we are in huge army. Just check it out bro play the game by remembering my words and give me reply :slight_smile:

you are right to some point. when a lot is happening on the screen and you have to watch out for many things at once looking at the scream button is just a distractor.

Iam asking for the bigger graphics bcoz we have to look at lot of things which happening on the screen. Main things like hero scream, enemy wolfs, juster box etc these are the main things we have to watch all the time. So iam asking for graphics in a bigger way for all of us and for all the palsss

Yes, agreed


Give/show  pal bar in top of the screen  like morale ,  parallel to it.

Absolutely agree.

The pal bar on the pal itself dissapears under the hars of other units. It should he on top and have a more visible color. Maybe yellow instead of grey.

Necroes do not need the yellow. Pal timing is more important… Also seeing where the pal is when playing in big crowds.


bros if you see the circle which is surrounded by pal means that pal is going to show its ability if that circle graphics is bigger then we are able to see it that it is going to show its ability. @Rahul bro if we add another bar like scream then it becomes complex to check everything means does scream power is available or not, does the pal bar fulled or not but if flare increase that graphics then we can watch it wait the action is going on :slight_smile:

Yes additional bar needed


don’t know why everyone is asking for another bar, making bigger or larger of that circle surrounded by pal is enough i think. 

But that circle can not show you where the pal is at all times. For many pals it is important so see if the are far behind or close to the hero.

Just make the current small bar above the pal more visible and stay on top of other bars. Small change, it should have been this way from the beginning.

bro if hero moves then automatically pal will also moves no need to worry about that. Ability circle not only  shows power up but it also shows where the pal is when we got to know where the pal is then we can move. 

obviously you haven’t played with Kaiser lol

i have lvl 7 kaiser and iam using it kaiser may stops to attack the traps or enemies but maxly it will be around the hero.