Pandoras box power does too much damage

Basically I’ve seen players going through high level bases with no demolition perk (not Herc) and using Pandoras box to melt all structures. It seemed to do far more damage than it should, and testing confirms it doesn’t follow standard poison resistances of defensive structures. Instead of barricades/Prom tower/Lapetos towers having 75% resistance to pandoras, they actually only have 50% resistance. This 25% seems insignificant but not when you consider pandoras has the highest damage of any core power by a long way.

Vid 1 shows Pandoras box of damage 100k taking slightly less than 7 to destroy a barricade of 906k health. Pandora should in this case do 100k x 3 (multiplier) x 7 (# of times power used in example) = 2,100 standard damage…now barricades have 75% poison resistance so should stop about 1566 damage leaving the barricade with approx half health 450k, but obviously its destroyed.

Vid 2 shows Pandoras box 100k damage destroy a 338k lapetos tower in 2.5 uses. Again 100x3x2.5= 750k damage…lapetos has 75% poison so again should have just about half health left after 2.5 hits but is destroyed.

To show that it is just Pandoras box and not all types of poison damage, vid 3 shows Artemis charged Poison arrow with 100k standard damage charged x2 so 100x2x3 600k poison damage …each shot should do 150k damage to the 338 lapetos tower which is appears to do, as it needs about 2.5-3 to completely destroy.

I know many players use pandoras for Herc and mainly Athena, which when this bug is rectified will make the GK a little harder to take down.

I think in one of the loading screen tips a long time ago it said that Pandora’s box ignores poison resist, so I think that’s working as intended. I know I read it somewhere coming from an official source.

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I take your word for it as that screen was probably before my time. If it’s working as intended strange how talos a fire power, does less damage to a barricade than a poison power! But could well be just like the spearman troop thing worth 1/2 a morale point but not stated anyway! So those new or not attentive just take it on face value.

So I’m guessing it ignores poison resistance on GK also?

I’m not sure if it actually ignores it at all, I just remember that it was billed as a feature of the spell at one point. And I think just against structures. But I could be wrong. I don’t think it works on Medusas with 100% poison resist, correct? So it might just be against towers/barricades. I think I asked this question in one of the early Q/A threads but it didn’t get answered. Yeah I asked back in October but no answer.

If it did come from a loading screen tip I’m sure it predated the ancient defender update.

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Would be very interested to know the answer as to why it’s like the demolition of powers! Maybe Ajax and Arty need some powers that ignore resistances too! @CaptainMorgan some insight in to this subject would be appreciated :slight_smile:

At the time it was the last and most powerful spell you unlocked, and had the longest cooldown. I can understand why they would want to make it worth the investment and further differentiate it from Hydra power.

But it is different already, has longer CD and duration, and power per second and it’s a core power. Just goes against all the ‘rules’ that all powers obey if it is intended this way. After all doesn’t take much to unlock the power by upgrading the shrine to lvl 8 or whatever it is. I’m not saying your wrong, it does obey some resistance.

That was close to end game, though, when the game was first released. If it’s intentional, and I believe it is, it obeys the same “under publicized feature not bug” rules like summoning 2 spearmen per morale point.

We could argue about the term ‘publicised’ as haven’t seen that written anywhere or the 2 spearman strangeness. I’d class it in the ‘hidden rules’ category if it really isn’t a bug.
In it’s current state Pandora accounts for why Athena has a lot better chance with killing the GK.

I think you ignored a key word in my post.

And I don’t think Pandora’s ignores GK poison resists. I’m pretty sure it only ignores poison resist on towers and barricades. I’ve done a lot of testing with and without poison resistance on the GK, and you can see a dramatic effect. It’s good for GKs because it does a lot of gross damage, but it can be resisted. There was a time when I would argue poison resist was the most important for the GK, primarily because of Pandoras and Hydras.

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We will look into the balancing for this and also the statistics for its use. Further opinions would be great.

I think it’s good as is. It does a lot of damage but it’s tempered by the cooldown and low dps.

Does it intentionally ignore poison resistance?

As long as it is an “optional” spell, it is fine as it is. Siren power is strong too, shall we ask for a nerf?:shushing_face: lol Come on

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just unlocked max pandora recently. i try to use it more now, but on the path i dont see that this power is the reason for breaking structures. it was once, but long ago.
using pandora 7times to break 1 barricade is not a game changer imho, but that was a strong barricade ofc.
pandora is weak against nyx, so i have to decide if it is better that bia (no), damocles or pheme. for the path it is not, but maybe for the gk.
short: idk if pandora is too strong (imho phil just wanted to point out that something is maybe not correct with the given stats and what he observed), you decide if it has to be balanced

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My query was regarding it’s power and the resistances of structures. As you can see in the videos I tested equal base strength poison powers (actually the charged poison arrow is actually x2 power in theory yet took more to destroy a fire tower) yet pandoras does more damage against barricades/Prom tower/lapetos tower and they were the only structures I tested. As pandoras is by far the strongest core power that 25% resistance that it ignores currently seems to make a big difference that’s before any potency is applied.

As I said it’s strange there are 28 powers all following the resistances shown on towers, but pandora didn’t so I assumed it was a bug, if it isn’t then fine, but would be nice to have the power accurately displayed, because as it stands it’s one of those hidden knowledge things.

There are plenty things hidden, x2/x3 spell damage etc, so we keep guessing…Pandora has been that way before you started playing, it works properly but again, my opinion is that it is an “optional” spell, not crucial.

As far as I’m aware all powers do x3 damage multiplier to defensive structures before the resistances are calculated, unless there’s another bug/hidden intended mechanics that your aware of, I haven’t seen any others that I’m aware of. I actually highlighted as much for the fact that a double strength Artemis arrow takes more uses to destroy a structure than pandoras, but equally as many players use Athena with this and is a main power in GK killing which was possibly a reason that some of your alliance say GK’s go down too easy now.

All I would like is clarification as to whether this extra power is intended or is a bug. I’m not keen on things that don’t give a correct description.

All I can say, it works properly, but it is an “optional” spell. I rather go for Okeanos that helps my hero slowing down units and GK and if u mix it with Stun, why would u need some smoke to kill GK?

Yes I agree it works properly, but the numbers aren’t right that’s all, and as we know there are soooo many ways to kill GK’s.
Misleading stats can lead to different oddessy choices