Pantin Pandas! 24/7 Boosts!

The Pantin Pandas are looking for more members! We pride ourselves with activity in wars and donations!



24/7 boosted knights (discussions held on occasion about changes to the 24/7 buff)

regular boosts other than knights during wars!

extends mummy and arblaster boosts!

always up for a great chat!



New incoming members MUST be over 1500 trophies

Once allowed in you can not go under 1000

Must donate on a regular basis and donate a minimum of 10k

Must remain active during alliance wars. Failure to fight in wars is automatic kicking!


Join us today! We are currently open to join, but please make sure you follow our new member guidelines. Any members currently in alliance have been notified of new requirements and will be working to meet the minimums :slight_smile: