Parallel game mode

Hi there

this game is awesome , I’m a new player who didn’t experienced a lot of activities in the past, so this is just feeling from new guy.

although this is not a Roma game, but May I suggest to create an Arena system as a parallel game mode.

-----limited resource!

Player couldn’t bring their hero level, gears, troops to arena.  each player will be delivered a new currency ,(we can call “Arana Coin”, or “Arena Reputation”, or “Arana Trophy”). let’s call Arena coin first.

the arena coin will be consumed out to build attack/defense system. every new match will refresh the coin, it can’t be store.

so all heros, gears, troops, towers, gates, and all updates will consume Arena coin.



when player join arena, they will be dispatched to face 10 random players with similar rank. each one owns same amount of arena coin.

in rest day, player need to build attack and defense by consume all of their coin, player can test fight against themself as well.

in attack day, player need to fight each opponent before time up, the fight will be only in auto-mode! player can only release skills during the fight.

how to count score and result:

each attack win will count how many seconds left, every second provide 1 score. fail is 0 score.

each defense failed will also count how many seconds left, every second provide -1 score. successful defend is 0 score.

ranking will be listed by total score. so player need seriously consider how to balance attack and defense(A/D) to get higher score.


------add more fun by set blessing/discount 

please set rolling blessing for each round arena fight , or some discount item like towers, troops to help player build team stronger.



arena reward in arena mode: provide arena market let player choose, then enhance the A/D system, finally march towards to the season champion.

general reward in other mode: I believe game designer can manage the rewards properly. no need my suggestion.