Pariah is recruting


Level 32

Our devices are:

·         Have fun

·         Integrity

·         Friendship

·         Cash-free, no pay to win

·         Private life is important

·         All members are important

·         Be a team member and support your team


Language :

·         English (we have members all around the World)


Perks :

·         Blazing Knights activated 24/7!!!

·         Additional boosts  such as Holy Paladin, Though barricades, and Storm Cannon would be  used throughout war  when necessary. With high donations, we can activate more boost like Stunning Ogres, Howling Wolf, and more.

·         Security , if you meet the requirements and rules, you will remain as long as you want.

·         We are understanding  and would very likely give time for you to meet the requirements. Do state your reasons for why you can’t comply!


Requirements :

·         Active members with 2100+ trophies

·         Donate Daily!

·         Minimum Donation  limit  50k. The goal is to have everyone at 100k-150k as soon as possible.

·         Actively fight during War Seasons (Minimum  5 Attacks on every battle  unless mentioned otherwise not to!) but we expect since you are active players to do 10 attacks when possible to increase the number of skulls collected. If you can’t fight, you need to let us know. We all have a personal life but we need to be informed when you can’t participate in war.

·         Loyalty  - through ups & downs! 

·         We are like  One Big Family and we win and lose together .    :slight_smile:  


We currently have few slots open!


We Kick members who never participate in War and members who rarely Donates!

We take war participation and frequent donations SERIOUSLY. It is a team work so everyone needs to contribute to the success of the Alliance.


Don’t hesitate any longer and contact Amyelle or Stranoss !

Few spots still available. :grinning:

War season is about to begin. Come and join us ! :grinning:

3 spot available - Looking for active members !


Still one spot available !