Part Dungeon : Voucher possibility (buy food when unavailable)

Hello everyone,

My idea is quite simple: In the “Dungeon” part, when there is not enough bread to fight, it is suggested to buy food through diamonds, and only that.

Could it be possible to add an other part with “Voucher” possibility (when there is available). This avoids returning to the fortress and returning to the dungeon, a big waste of time when the leagues are almost at the last hour.

butti ’

Nice idea :slight_smile:  But looking to that avatar I thought when madlen started suggesting for a game feature :grinning:

Buttinette had that Avatar before! ?

Yes orko, Madlen has taken my avatar in copy. It’s not a problem for me (but I must confess that it was strange at the beginning => much posts with it lol…)

Edit my profil photo (juste a little) : a slightly inclined head, and blue eyes ")



Nice make up ?

Totally agree. Having to leave dungeon to buy food and go back to dungeon is a colossal waste of time.

Maybe they cold add some kind of “random dungeon”, where the level always changes (like in the events, where they just copy random player bases). You could try combos there without losing trophies.

Good lifting Madlen, and the green for the developper is the best color who you can take

Thanks to keep my idea for the dungeon :wink:

I think it’s been suggested as a daily event of sorts, that would yield stuff for beating a randomly generated dungeon. I’ve thought of something else but will post it elsewhere, as to not hijack this thread any further.

As for people’s avatars (what happened to your original photo, Madlen? Was that so bad? Because it wasn’t), maybe there should be more in-game characters people could use for profile pics. It’s either Standard King or Advisor right now. I understand no one wants Granny in their profile but why is Smithy never used? Like, I dunno, an actual character designer within the game maybe? Just some loose thoughts on confusing avatars…

  • I wanted to have something related to RR2 :slight_smile:

  • A character designer for the game would be cool, but at the moment there are no plans to implement news option for character design options within the game.

  • I would love if the forum provided an option to for example choose an RR2 character as a profile pic as a default, but as far as I can tell the forum software doesn’t support that (maybe I am wrong here).

Good news Madlen. Thank for your quick feedback.

For the implementation time, I agree with you, no urgency, it’s an idea ^^

The best is to have it on your roadmap and that the game will grow up with sharing community 

I know, and that’s kinda my point. There aren’t too many choices for game related avatars or people just aren’t creative enough. Magischer and some other dudes had wolves for avatars but except that it’s always king or advisor (despite there being a whole set of troops and beasts) so if there was a bit more variety in design maybe it wouldn’t be as confusing. But that’s just me being picky, don’t take it too seriously. :slight_smile:

And using a game character as avatar doesn’t require any complex tech, just crop a screenshot and you’re set. Although there could be a set of default avatars in the forum engine and those could be pre-prepared RR2 related “mugshots”. I’ve seen this on several forums, wonder if this particular build supports this…