Passage from windows phone to PC

Hello everyone, i’ve been playing for long time Royal revolt 2 on windows mobile from my nokia lumia 1520, but now i’m selling my phone. Can I play from my windows 8 personal computer, preserving my account and all my game progress? Thanks for the answers. Good playing! 

After selling your mobile, ask Flaregames to give your current game progress on your PC.


You need to play through the tutorial and give your king a name (any name will do). Give flare the info of your old account such as King’s level, Other buildings and towers detail, etc. (don’t post it in here!). If your information is correct then you should get you account on your PC soon.


Hope I helped. :slight_smile:

Yes, your answer was very exhaustive, could you give me the link/mail/ecc. to contact flaregames? Now I have another important question, just now I tried the win8 royal revolt 2; installed it, but I can’t play… The game at beginning ask me which one of 5 server i want to play (???) and none of them actually works… I don’t understand!

Do what Ash said about the account, and as for playing the game currently thanks to the untested update from Flare any Windows Users can’t play on the Debug servers until a new update is released to fix it; there’s speculation and rumor that the update should be around Monday.

The link is:


Update released, by now.

Thanks everyone, I’ve just send mail to them, I hope to have back my old account soon. I’ll let you know. 

Good to know! :slight_smile: