Passive powers coming from alliance make huge difference

I respect m… (lvl 117 palyer) She is doing great job. She solved every tiny part of the game. Holding asc lvl at 117 very wise. Troops/towers maxed, heroes keeping stats not affecting from asc lvl ups. But i seriouslly wonder that a mid lvl player’s barricades and troops are more powered than my barricades (even blessed ones) and my creatures. She must have enhancements and i have too (i have over 10k fame). That powers mostly come from alliance blessings that are overpowered. I believe there is an inbalance here. That passive power up  coming from alliance must be lower to give all fun. Being a member of top alliance giving significant powers. Ok. Money talks but personally i purchased and spend many gems to keep alliance alive, but my money is silent. (Honestly i do not like the idea of that kind of money talks. I wrote it because it was said bu others before). So i guess there must be some balance here. The main issue is to keep players loyal to their alliance (latest loyalty donation thing aiming this right) and personal powers somewhat must be related to asc lvls, forged items, correct items, gameplay… Stop players seeking to be member of top alliances for seeking passive over powers. Top players If you have questions plz join a lower alliance and compare powers and you will see. And next update will be about loyalty and will be related with donations. DEVS PLEASE CONSIDER THIS: LOYALTY MUST GIVE ALSO BUILDING/TROOPS POWER UPS, WHEN A PLAYER STAY IN ALLIANCE POWERS MUST  INCREASE WEEK BY WEEK… 

Can’t tell what’s the problem/question you have.



You suggest to keep players be loyal to their alliance and in the meantime ask for a solution to have players stay in the top alliances? What are you talking about? So, the member of top alliances should NOT be loyal to their alliances?

IT IS NOW, isn’t it???

And why do you talk about personal powers here? It seems you’re complaining YOUR HERO can’t beat a lvl 117 player’s defense easily, but can beat yourself defense easier. So you think there’re differences between what the player’s alliance gives to it’s defense, compares to your alliance gives to your DEFENSE. So, it’s NOT related to personal power because you’re talking about differences between DEFENSE, right?

Did you upgrade your alliance to max and trigger the same blessing and still “feel” the difference??

I thought the only difference the alliance can make to individual players is: depends on the alliance level, the blessings have different levels, the higher alliance level gets higher blessing levels and the costs are much higher, too.

So, when you are in a maxed level alliance (this can be achieved by your gold donate to the alliance, and just keeps upgrade it to max), and trigger the blessing, you have EXACTLY the same “buff” than the player you see, isn’t it?? I don’t think there’s ANY OTHER “passive power came from alliances”, is there any??? If yes, please help to point it out.

Last, if you’re really a good player (like you said, “over 10k fame”), why don’t you just join a max level alliance and then you can have exactly the same “buff” from your alliance? I think there’re A LOT OF maxed level alliance in the game at this moment. What holds you from being the member of one of them?

(but in fact, I have 10K fame, too…so, in my mind, it’s not a big deal I think)

@Hellslord about those units being that strong, they have that buff due to the alliance that is already maxed out ,then the % from Ithaca. Nothing weird man. I can assure you I lost miserably in her old defense and this came as a result of me, not having maxed items on + units too. Since I forged some good stuff, I now chill in her defense so my advice is, try maxing your units+items out, then u will see the difference. Cheers

Hello Neptune. I did no mention that i can not beat her. I can beat her everytime. I want to take attention that if a mid lvl can be such overpowered with alliance buffs, think about the passive powers of  lvl 130’s of 50 membered alliances (same lvl with me). Power differance huge. Already they have all blessings plus blessings more powerfull. Double boost right? I believe game can offer more balance. Believe me i do not want something personal, it is about general gaming. About an hidden idea that creating more balanced alliances and decreasing  the passive boosts between players. Alliance buffs maybe ok for alliance wars but at map at least power gap must be some decreased. Every player wants to progress, wants to win, need gold for forging… game must offer that. We must not think only ourselves, i am low but i can win everyone etc… There are much more people strugling and not map travelling because disappointed that they are not playing well and the result is quitting game… I wanted to take attention to this… 

Could you help to share with us about:

  1. What’s the “passive boosts” you’re talking about?

  2. Except the particular player you bring into discussion, is there ANY OTHER player you saw has similar problem of over-powered? If no, even we assume everything you said is correct, that player is over-powered, don’t you think change the game only because of 1 particular player is over-react?? 

Ok, Hellslord, now you explained it better and yes she’s crazy strong compared with her similar levels and that’s how a player is supposed to look after maxing everything out. Towers are effective, units too…add Statue to the list and for sure she’ll be that good. 

Regarding the balance you’re talking about, from my point of view, there’s not much to do coz the game is built this way…in order to defeat a full blessing defense, you need a well forged hero + blessed units + max spells otherwise you fail. You already know such things but think how weak someone could be even relying on these blessings if devs reduce that power % you are talking about, don’t you think so?

Regular blessing strength is only affected by the level of the alliance, and every alliance has an equal opportunity to upgrade their alliance to level 45. It’s expensive though, so if you can’t afford it you may wish to consider merging with a larger alliance who is short players. 

So while Mani has full strength blessings, there are dozens and dozens of alliances who do. she’s not unique there

War blessing strength is only affected by torches (currently. This may be completely different in 2 weeks). So while there are only 50 players with fully max level war blessings, they earned them. Shouldn’t they be allowed to enjoy a reward for being #1?