(past) pro players

From the last monthly pro leaderboard, these past pro league players basically scored 2k+ every week, some for months in a row.
Still a couple days left before this one ends, but interested to see if anyone spots any of them in the top now the dc bug was fixed.

There is account sharing also :slight_smile:

account sharing and multiple accounts still you only get one shot with your main account.

I am thinking / guessing with the dc bug you could start a fight, and dc if it looked like it was going wrong, then try again and again and again until you got lucky.

More than Flothaboss :slight_smile:
I heard about the dc bug last week

fun topic)

Is it surprize for you they all used DC bug?))

nope, expect all top pro players use dc bug.

I’d be surprised if:

  1. They get into the top scores now the bug is gone
  2. flare do something like strip the crowns won in this manner


Maybe this can surprise you:

Silver crown on the first pro league season, when no one was aware from the dc bug.
If you doubt, watch the Flothaboss video about the first pro league. This is a screnshot from his video.
And as you see on the other image i already posted here, i get top 16 atm on the current season.

I prefer to lose instead of cheating

Good job, you are obviously good at PL.

I’m surprised you aren’t higher than 16th given you did not cheat last month to get to 10th monthly, you must have been top 10 or thereabouts every week last month?
Given those others above you in last monthly are not there, seems you must have had an off week this one, or you played extremely well every week last month.

Good luck for the next 3 weeks, you should have an excellent chance getting top #1 monthly if the others are not there.

Except for VN - Wind, I don’t see any other past to pro players in this season.  Even with the DC bug, I’m pretty sure people are still using hacks to score high in the Pro-League.  Admittedly though, they probably don’t try to get a top score like scoring just enough to get 2 chests instead of just 1.

EDIT: scrap that.  Just checked the top 10 again and VN - Wind is no longer in the top 10.

Well, it could also be that players are using the multiple account strategy, where they build up new accounts quickly so that they have a “test pro league”, as I call it, so that they can get used to the rounds that they will play with their main account. That way it looks like they are masters at the game, which, I guess, is technically right, with more practice lol. It may not cheating, or a bug, but simple strategy. Just my thoughts, I may be wrong

yes, can practice to get better, but still if you make a mistake on your main account your score will suffer - so still have to play well when it counts.

With the dc bug, you can make 1000’s of mistakes on your main, as long as you dc, try again until you get lucky.

Both are considered ‘use of game mechanics’ as flare have not decided it cheating, but far less people would have issue with multiple accounts than the way the dc bug was being used.

I was completely unaware of the dc bug. Didn’t know it caused that big of a difference, but wow, playing a pro-league with no limit to attacks, I can see why nobody who used this sent it in to support lol

May I know what is this ‘DC’ bug and what it stands for ? Also how the players using it weren’t caught. 

For good players, multi account is great, if I know where jesters are placed and I get a feel of the level, there is a good chance I end up at a very good rank, dc bug is also useful but it doesn’t work on all devices though. Sharing is another problem. Lot of accounts are shared for PL so few real pros out there :confused:

DC = disconnect.

You can watch flotha’s video to know about jester boxes ?

And tbh multi accounts donot help much. The scores are almost similar most of the time. 

Thanks bro,

But no, i don’t got top 10 or thereabouts every season last month. One season you get a very high position, on the other one you get a litte less. As you see, on the Poison cup (4/4 from last month) i got Top 70. Even playing careful, i died at Aki on the Challenge X or XI, don’t remember.

Top 16 at this season is a great score. I get more than Flothaboss and more than oPelle, that are two very skilled players and are inspiration for me. I managed to do 100% until Challenge X and about 30% on XI and XII, because i ran out of time. 

Again, thanks for wish me good luck :slight_smile:
How you do on PL?

I’m not so great in PL (yet).
rank ~250 this one. 100% 1-9, then not so great after that… I made mistake in X else could be higher.

last month was first full month i completed, think i was 300-400 monthly, so I am happy enough but hoping to improve.
before last month I had only done 1 PL.

i only just realized how the DC bug worked after it was patched, i constantly score around top 15+ 

Assuming that all “top players” used this bug is BS and should not be said lightly.

Reconsider your words and think twice before you type an accusation against the “Pro” players of the game

Do do you think those guys in the screen shot played without using the bug?

As in the OP can you can help spot them in the top ranks? it is hard to browse the top.
Khiago has posted he is still around the top.

Honestly, Pro league last month didn’t require any bug to complete.

i doubt all of those guys are using a bug to score high as i am able to score just below, above or equal score to them without using any bugs or anything, just playing the game like its meant to be played :wink:

I can’t tell if someone is using a bug, that’s Flaregames job, lol.

Hopefully they ban those hackers and stuff so that way everyone else’s gameplay is enjoyable and fun!