Patch 3.9 Notes - Community Requests

Kings and Queens!

Update 3.9 is here and it’s one big Spring Cleaning! To celebrate Royal Revolt 2’s 4th birthday and as a big THANK YOU for 4 amazing years, we’ve put together a festive bouquet of some of our most eagerly awaited Community Requests:

Anticipated Improvements, that’ll make your life easier - such as:

  • New Event Interface: Events such as “Alliance Party” or “Blacksmith Meltdown” are now better communicated with a new Countdown Banner, Details Screen, Info Tool-Tips and Shortcuts to the affected area of the game
  • It is now possible to select multiple Hero Items for meltdown at the same time and rush the Blacksmith to complete all meltdown jobs at once
  • A new button in the Castle Scene allows to collect all resources at once with one single tap. This includes Gold from Taverns, Food from Farms and Pearls from the Blacksmith
  • Item Presets can now be switched right in the Battle Loadout
  • The Stat Overview Screen now offers new Tool-Tips for all perks. Simply tap a perk to bring up detailed explanation about it
  • The Hero Item Inventory now offers a new shortcut button for Inventory Slot purchases. We also offer the option to purchase 5 slots at once
  • For Pro-Cups, players are now able to rearrange the troop and spell setup to their own liking
  • The Alliance member list now shows a “Last seen online” info, to help Alliances keep better track of their members’ activity
  • Skulls earned by Alliances that drop below 5 members during an ongoing Alliance War no longer count. Additionally, Alliances with less than 5 members cannot declare Alliance Wars
  • Facebook friends can now be removed from the in-game friends list

Pro-League changes:

  • Pro-League participants are now being rewarded by tiers. This way, the own skill really determines the rewards in the end, and not how well others have performed
  • Pals will join the Pro-Cups soon. Stay tuned!
  • Pro-Leagues will now run from Friday 9.00 UTC - Tuesday 12.00 UTC. Late-Joiner period ends Monday 18.00 UTC

Exterminated Bugs, that won’t be missed - including:

  • Alliance members who are blocked from attacking are no longer eligible Champions
  • Units should no longer suffer from permanent slow motion during battles
  • Fritz Pal’s belly slide should now always deal damage
  • The skull bonus shown in War Standings now always shows the correct value
  • The online-indicator is no longer shown for friends list entries of players who haven’t accepted a friend request
  • Pals should no longer disappear when reusing Pal Flute after resurrection
  • Various fixes and improvements on Stats:
    • Monks’ heal range is now displayed on their card
    • Improved ability display on Howl’s, Growl’s and Ceres’ stat views
    • Basilisk Towers now show normal resistance
    • Paladins now have their ice weakness listed
    • Fixed the speed and ability effectiveness display for Vicious Bucky

Have a good day! :wink:

—Your Royal Revolt 2 team

Known issue we are working on:

  • Changing the order of troops and spells in the Pro Battle Loadout occasionally does not save correctly. To make sure your preferred order is correctly saved, please close and reopen the Pro Battle Loadout to confirm your changes before entering battle.
  • A display bug on the Pro-Shop. Instead of the pro items in the shop, the granny set is displayed, with gold prices. Buying the set actually awards the pro items, and pro crystals are deducted, not gold.
  • There is a bug for android versions, that make a “!” appear when entering the dungeon.
  • When a Production Boost is running on the Blacksmith Building, there is currently a bug with the “Rush All Meltdowns” button. Under certain circumstances, the boost isn’t considered. Until a fix for this behavior is ready, the bug can be avoided by rushing the meltdowns one by one.

—Your Royal Revolt 2 team

(Added new time for Pro-League + Pro-shop display bug + “!” bug)

(Added Production Boost Bug)