Patch Updates

Now I know that this is not a problem for you guys, but it is for me. The updates in RR2 take about 2 hours to download, and it’s a big hassle for me lol. The internet is really bad where I am, so updates are just…the worst. But I really just came to ask, aren’t patch updates originally just automatic updates? Or have they always been needed to be downloaded? It’s not that big of a deal for me, but I really just want to know

If it helps to eliminate bugs, we should be thankful for the update.

If you have slow and limited internet connection, maybe you should set your app store to manual downloads to do it at a suitable time.
In this case ithink it is no problem to play with the old version for a while.

Just hope they don’t do those forced maintenance update again before all updates available in all platform.

Yeah, I asked this question cause, most of the time, they’ll do bug fixes in server maintenance, so I was just wondering why it was in an update this time

The freeze is solved, why they didn’t mention it? It’s a good thing to tell.


There should be a setting in store options that lets you choose between automatic and manual updates.

Also, I usually don’t update games until I absolutely have to (as in they stop working and tell me to update). I don’t have unlimited internet so I’d rather not waste it on random updates that aren’t really crutial. And I don’t have wifi either (which btw is why I appreciate RR2 for sticking it to Microsoft by circumventing the WP app download size over cellular limitation by having some 70% of the game download within the game itself rather than through store. A pretty creative approach I haven’t really seen anywhere else).

Long time like this in Microsoft Store. Go in Settings and you have update apps automatically. put at off if you want manual