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About the pause button, ok thanks for the feedback. I will forward it.


I hit the pause button after the guardian update serveral times in battles… that is annoying … mybe there is an better place for this button.

i was tinking about last week and believe on the right side is a better spot for pause, because the gems Buttons are not used so often used like hero cry & guardian…

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If it’s on the right side, you might accidentally hit a scroll, so I don’t think it’s the right spot for it.

I’ve heard from several people that they often accidentally hit the pause button during raids. I actually have never pressed that button and never needed to press it. For me the whole button is useless, but that’s cause of my device



you use 1 or 2 scrolls thats a lot less then every 10s when you use donkey and cry


Under the time? Or we can self design the layout?

 on phone, you must break your thump to touch the corner xD 


Maybe a problem on phone because this device is really small and someone with big finger can be annoying. On Ipad or PC. I don’t see the problem because the screen is really big. This button should be only changed for Iphone/android player. I don’t see much how you can hit this button by mistake. On PC same if I don’t use the shortcut and use the mouse never able to hit it. the button is on the left. So no reason to hit it.

and same if Flare want it to change it. Where they can put it? There is icons everywhere on the screen. No much option for Iphone/android player

PS : the only time I have play on Iphone with some game don’t really make me play on it again lol. icons and all are small is unplayable. I have no clue how people play on this device

Phone have touchscreen so maybe just remove this button completely and I don’t know with a touchscreen move to do pause but same with this player can do pause all the time.

Fast like that no clue how they can solve the problem. The only solution is if they can do like Sony with PS4 and PSP play everywhere. So every phone player can play on PC. I don’t think its something possible. you start the game on phone and switch to PC


i play on a android phone so it happen in 1 of 5 raids … no prob but irritating …

when the button is over battlecry and gaurds it will not happen … or on the right side.


right side its gonna worst. You will waste like 20 gems or more each raid. Maybe a better place but no clue where


I know why not add this icon in side of the result bar. I mean just between the green bar and the guardian on the left. do a little icon very small for not hit it non stop. you take the same button but reduce his size of 70%


last time i think on the right side it will be a problem bc we go mostly right and on mobile the space is low … now i see 2 ways

  1. when the button is over battlecry and gaurds

  2. between guards and green bar


I 100% disagree with this. Why change something that was like that since day 1.

What is the problem to click on pause button just resume… I prefer that than waste gems for instance. And I am used to the button placement.

I don’t want to misclick on scrolls or other things that make me waste ressources, just because the button changed place…


@Alumbri i wish it will be like the first day …  i show you the difference … look in the left upper corner

without guards (not really a high chance hit the wrong button on battlecry)

now under the battlecry button that we hit every ~10s:

on my 5" Mobile Phone i hit often not battlecry, i hit pause … that is not nice


next Idea:


Moving this to the ideas section.


I can related to this @Jesper, at least just like you guys mentioned, only while playing on phone.

Before the Royal Guardians existed, there were only 2 buttons on the top left and I had no problems.

Now, there’s 3 buttons and the pause button size has been reduced.

It’s really annoying the amount of times my finger missclicks the Royal Guardian button into clicking the pause instead.

Sometimes I’m afraid that I may click on the “retreat” button out of being nervously tapping the screen…

I don’t agree on putting the button below the scrolls though.

I don’t wanna spend gems by missclicking even more.


please look at the last idea :



Hate to say it Jesper, but the idea in the picture above, while it would help with the pausing case, would be blocking part of the attack, meaning the health points of both your troops and enemy troops, also it would look out of place. I personally have no problem with the pause button as of right now. I think they should leave it in the left hand corner below the scream button, cause it’s not blocking anything there. However, they should make the button bigger. Bigger buttons are harder to miss

**crazy thing**??

Bigger button ? --> then i see only one free space

the insta is going more left to the units ?️ and then between insta and 1st skill

pic of this idea:


the problem is at this place you will block the view. One thing I hate when I play online game on PC. Majority have a ton of useless stuffs in all the screen. So when you want to see in middle you can’t. So the pause button on the left is ok like he is rigth now. Please no. Not bigger. I like to see well what going on in the screen. I would like icon be more smaller. troops and spells like half smaller. To see more the battlefield. too big. take too much place

Maybe in a future version a option to adjust the size of each icons. By example someone will like to put Pause button 30% more bigger. I would like to reduce all of them at 20% on 100%. So a kind of bar with % you can adjust. So each person can have what he like