Pay gems to get festival's item??


I finished today and i get 350 candies, so i can get 11200  after festiva


And let’s see


All items need 2250 + 3375 + 3000 + 1500 + 3750 + 1875 3750 + 1875 + 3375 = 24750

If we buy one chest and we also get 350 candies, we must buy at least (24750 - 11200)/350 = 39 chests

That is something I also want to know. Can we actually get all Items purely by playing the Event without buying any additional Chests?

Ok never mind, Alysea just stated, that it is impossible to get all Items with free chests only.

Look at the counter, you can get only 15 free chests during the festival. :slight_smile:

That is crowns :grinning:  32 chests for free.

Ok, nevertheless, you still cannot get all the season themed items without gems during only one festival, obviously… and it is fair. :slight_smile:

The amount of candy will not be exactly 350. I got 320, another one in my team said he got 546. 

Yeap, a random number looks like.

I got 400 in the chest. Others on the team got close to 500.

I got 402  :slight_smile:

Buy the 5 pack will give you close to 3k Candy Canes. We have some in the alliance that bought them and this was the average on it.

To have 3 k in a 5x (1200 gem) package, on an average, each chest should have 600 canes.

Anybody can confirm?


The video shows around 2,500. I know 2 that got close to 3k on the team. They told me 2,800 to 3k was there avg.

Actually you cannot be sure how many canes you are going to get from bought chests. Like in daily chests lucky  players are getting on evarage 450 candies while those unlucky ones 300, same could apply in those bought chests.

True, only after you spend the gems, you realise it was a waste…like the uber chests.