As per your announcement:


Tomorrow, Tuesday 22nd March another event will start: the Blacksmith meltdown!

This event starts on  Tuesday 22nd March and will end on Thursday 24th March.

You will be able to enjoy the following:

  • The meltdown slots are 25% cheaper.
  • The Pearls are produced twice faster.
  • The amount of Pearls produced per item-meltdown is multiplied by 5.
  • The chances of upgrading an item successfully are slightly better.


Good luck and enjoy!


I am currently have a Level 7 Blacksmith and am, right now, melting down a sword that says it will give me 8 pearls. According to the description for that level, each pearl is supposed to take 10 minutes 45 seconds to melt. Then why am I being told that it will take SIX HOURS to melt down one sword for 8 pearls. When did 86 minutes become SIX HOURS???

It’s s#*+ like this that really just TURNS YOUR PAYING CUSTOMERS STOMACHS.



the bigger issue is why is it only 8 pearls???


Is your Blacksmith boosted?

It may be a display bug. I had it myself, but after the melting was finished, i got the correct amount of pearls. So at ~10 minutes per pearl and ~6 hours it should be around 36 pearls, not only 8.

Yes, the blacksmith was boosted to level 7, but nothing else with this “event” was eventful–unless if spending 71 pearls to upgrade something with NO apparent difference from the usual is eventful. No 'greater chance for success" (two tries, two fails; no appreciable difference in the success/fail ratio). About the only event I can see upcoming will be my NOT renewing my monthly gem package.But saving money is its own kind of gem isn’t it? I’m looking forward to that.


I am talking about the production boost, the one you can activate by watching a video or spending gems.

Was this one enabled or not?

It looks like it may finally have kicked in, but I still see NO APPRECIABLE DIFFERENCE in terms of using those pearls to upgrade anything. Same outrageous amount to try; same ratio of 'success/fail." So why bother?

Why bother? E.g. a sonic blast, which can hit firebolt towers behind a barricade: extremely useful :grinning:

This is dissapointing, I was keen on buying my last meltdown slot and now during this event it seems massively taking longer to meltdown items than before. I think the boost doesn’t get applied and the event does not deliver the 2x reduced meltdown time too.


I think it applies only to items. Not to spell, troop, towers, etc.

The problem is that the x5 pearls give us an illusion that the system is broken.

Lets say my normal melting time is 13min per pearls and I want to melt a 20 pearls value item without boost.

> 13min x 20 = 260 minutes

It will take me 4 hours and 20 minutes (260 minutes).

Now, melting the same item (x2), now worth 100 pearls (x5) without the production boost (x3).

> 13min / (2) = 6.5min per pearls > 6.5min x 100 = 650min

It will now take me 10 hours and 50min ! More than the double time before the event ! 150% longer to be exact

Finally, melting the same item (x2), now worth 100 pearls (x5) with the production boost (x3).

> 13min / (2*3) = 2.17min per pearls > 2.17min x 100 = 217min

It will now take me 3 hours and 37min. 16% shorter.

The point is, don’t look at the total melting time for an item, but look at the melting time per pearl

Before the event in a 24h period, the max pearl was, in this example, 331 pearls / day

With the event, it is 663 pearls /day while melting less items. Which is like the event said, 2x pearls.

I have max slot/level blacksmith, with boost it’s 8 seconds per pearl :slight_smile:

Biggest complaint for the blacksmith is the ability to transfer hero item perks, +10 on my swords spinning for slowdown (while using a much worse sword with slowdown).


full smith with all slots here… normally while boosted its 16s per pearl now its 8s so works fine for me

I only recently started to upgrade the building, so ~2 minutes (boosted) here. With that it’s almost unusable, the event will be over after only ~4 items :lol:

so only boosted blacksmith can fulfil the current event… What a pain?

You’ll still get 5* more pearls than usual, it just takes 2.5 times longer to melt each item.

yeah that’s the pain…

Except of course you also have to pay for the privilege and the blacksmith is almost as much an extortionist as granny.

Really, the surest bet of all is simply not to spend my hard earned money on scams.


You have to pay for the event ? I must have missed something…

Aether will you be compensating players on android unable to boost on day 1 of the blacksmith when vids were broken? My one item took all day and I finished with less pearls than if there wasn’t an event.