Pearl:gem ratio nerfed

I noticed tonight that I’m only getting a pearl for roughly every 20 gems I spend, versus every 8 gems before the patch. Why the 60% nerf to pearls? I don’t see any new ways to gain them, so that makes buying high end gear almost impossible now without spending completely stupid amounts of real money on gems (since the really good stuff almost always costs pearls.) Like literally the $80 20k gem pack gets you 1000 pearls now – enough for 2 or maybe 3 high end items. And you’d have to basically just waste gems to get enough pearls to buy something in a reasonable amount of time.

Didn’t Pete say they were going to add more ways to earn pearls? It seems like it went in the other direction.

I am not aware of any changes to the pearl distribution. I will check up on this.

yeah, im experiencing same problem.