Pearl improvement buildings

Hello) I would like to see improvements on buildings and types of towers from the Inventor's Workshop for pearls, just like we are improving troops, spells and towers. For example: 1. Treasure Chamber: + 1-2% to the storage capacity, + 1-2% to the amount of protected gold, + 0.5-1% to the gold bonus from battles. 2. Castle Guard: + 0.5-1% to the morale of the waves, -0.1% to the time of the waves, +500 to the morale of the castle guard (the castle guard gets an opportunity like the hero to accumulate moral points and randomly generate troops that the player chooses in an extra wave). 3. Throne Room: +% of morale, health and attack of the hero. 4. Wizard's Tower: + 0.2-0.5% to spell power, -0.1 to spell cooldown time, -1% to the cost of scrolls. 5. Blacksmith: -1% to the time spent on the pearls' plaque, + 1% to the conversion of pearls, + 1% to the chance of improvement for pearls.

(values vary at the discretion of the developer)


Offer your versions of the improvements of buildings that you would like to see in the game)




Royal Revolt is doing more and more customization lately.
Maybe pearls for custom looks would me everyone happy.
Or pearls to get objects to place around your path! 
I’d love to put a giant statue of my King next to my path.
Maybe put a bridge over a little river.

I don’t like this idea because upon the introduction of the Royal Guardians, we’re now spending pearls to upgrade them too ( lots of them in fact).

Asking to spend pearls on more things will deviate us from our main objective: fortifying our defense.

Here’s a few notes about each of your points and how some can be fixed:

To protect your gold, use the Kaiser beast on Defense and to get more gold from battles use items with gold perks.

By having this, you’d have some defenses with waves coming sooner and others coming later. We’d lost our notion of how to attack, if every defense would be that different.

Oh… and let’s not forget that it already takes more than 2years (normally upgrading) to max your waves…

As you can see on this Wikia Castle Guard page:

You can already do this by forging your Hero Items.

Except for the cost of scrolls, you can already do this by forging your spells.

Also: If someone wants to pay for a scroll, let him pay full price so that the defender doesn’t get any less gems. Heck… Nowadays we only get 13% of what an attacker spends! That’s really low! Please don’t lower it further.

To increase the conversion rate and to reduce the time spent, keep leveling your Blacksmith and purchasing its Slots.

The current amount of time needed to unlock all slots for a free (or almost free) player is already really big… being easily around 1 or even 2 years.

Not to mention that you “just” need 26,110 gems to unlock all BS slots:

As I said before… Letting us forge most of these things would be a huge pearl grab. Please don’t :slight_smile: