Pearl scrolls

With the power of the Pearl scrolls, could the defending kings please be awarded pearls or gems if used against them. It’s really annoying seeing your castle defeated with the use of 4-5 pearls scrolls and get nothing. It’s near possible to defend is someone uses Pear scrolls. Please other kings give your opinions on this. Thanks

I agree, not awarding pearls,is a major mistake and a weird difference vs their gem counterparts.

I agree. but I also like using them

I agree too.

If you are attacked with pearl-scrolls, you should get some pearls. If they don’t want to give us pearls, it would be good if we at least get some gems as replacement.

How much do they cost?

At least give us an achievement: 10, 25, 100 pearl scrolls used during an attack against your kingdom :wink:

A reward for the defender when the attacker uses Pearl Scrolls will be implemented in the future.





I think that we should be able to remove the option of scrolls sometimes as there are too many accidental presses which results in loss of gems or pearls unnecessarily.

Getting 4 Armageddon… Nothing need to implement this asap