Pearl store

Hi Team,

I would like to buy some pearls from store if they are available. Melting items is so hassle to get pearls and i don’t want to spend so much money by consuming gems to get pearls. Please think of this suggestion.


DON’T USE A PEARL STORE!!! Just buy gems, then use the gems - finish an upgrade, buy an expensive upgrade, a worker, or a seven-day gold shield, etc. That way you are killing two birds with one stone - lots of pearls, and lots of gold, or a skipped upgrade time, or a worker. Believe me, it would be much better than a pearl store.

Don’t know about a pearl store…i mean if i there was a pearl store then all the other people that sweat to get pearls in all these months also to complete the quests, it would prove in vain all the efforts done until now.

It cost to much pearl to forge high level of uber gear :slightly_frowning_face:

70pearl and like need to forge it 6 times to get 1 success?

i think those player who buy alot of gems to get pearl would be much happy if they can buy pearl with cheaper gems than spending gems to get pearl?

Having a pearl store doesn’t mean we don’t get pearls from consumed gems. its just other way to get pearls. it would be good for people who doesn’t buy too many gems

I think having an option to buy pearls is a great idea, buy pearls with coins and or gems, can be set up at an extremely high cost , just like every thing else in the game. A person can consume a great number of pearls in a very short period of time. You are already melting stuff using coins to get pearls so what’s the difference??

Melting item for pearl is a great idea. But they’re too greedy as always. Wtf only 20 pearl/legendary item.

This is an expensive game. Even a gear priced at 800 gems (more than $5). LOL

Pearl store? Maybe 200 pearl for $5.