Pearl Upgrades?

is there a maximum time of upgrading with pearls, and what upgrade type should i get for units, towers?

I would focus on knights 1st speed and Health.


After some forges you will see that the increase you are supposed to get is getting lower and lower, at this point it is a sign you are close to reaching the maximum number of forges. If you are wondering what to forge, I would advise you trying to find some videos about forging, it is a bit complicated, you don’t want to make any mistakes as pearls you have will burn out quickly.

For troops Knights for sure. For spells it depends, slowdown on toxic, range on bs and sb (to kill LTs behind a barricade), range on firesotrm, for towers well, there are a lot of towers and obstacles, each of them needs a lot of forges to see a difference so I would recommend focusing on troops and spells for now.

simple to answer +17 each perk before that start to slow down +30 if you want to reach really to more stat and the full potential +40 if you want to squeeze very all stats at the maximum

all depend of how pearls you want to invest in each perk. For me if I take example with Knight I squeeze all stat I can take if I can reach 38% in speed I up that if its 39% or 40% or whatever I did it until that reach 0.1 or 0.0 and after I do the same with Health and damage.I up my knight at +60 or +100 if I can

there is no limit of forge you can up a unit or tower. If you want +30 and stop there, +40,+70 or +100 if you want there is no limit at all. its you that decide when you want to stop