pearl use -how many?

Thank you, Flothaboss for the excellent video. However, can anyone add how many upgrades is needed to actually get to the desired results?

For. eg. shield spell has a perk for regeneration. It is useless at min. 3-4 perk upgrades. It may become effective, I guess when the perk level reaches the heal spell… how many pearls will be used for that?

A more realistic information might be highly useful.


BTW I am a great fan of all your videos. It is difficult and I appreciate your efforts.




The game now after updates is all about money now,gold is aplenty but the times take ages for upgrade.if u are a free player,u don’t need to know cause the amount involve is a huge amount.instant result?u kidding me,maybe 30-40 upgrade will give u a desire result,but how much time it takes?this game I gonna pass it on to my grandchildren to play.hahaha


uhh… regen on shield will never ever even come close to heal spell do the Maths? its 54 heal per perk level even with 40 upgrades which I really doubt you can do on a single perk it would only give 2 160 regen and that is like half of a unperked level 12 heal.

What im more curious about is what is the max number of upgrades you can do per perk or is there a max overall amount of upgrades like say do we have 50 upgrades that we must choose where to distribute or does each perk have a maximum ? my knights now has 29.3% speed and cooldown wears off tonight… if it exceeds 30% i guess this video is wrong