Does anyone know if the blacksmith stops failing forges at max level because I had 5000 pearls and he wasted at least 2000 of them, it’s very unfair when you have worked so hard trying to earn them in ninja events etc…it especially sucks when the forge has a price of 400 and you end up having to spend 800 because he stuffed up, I think it might be that bird distracting him while he’s trying to forge, j/k ?? any help on this topic would be much appreciated as I have alliance members asking the same question

There is always a chance of a fail, sorry :wink: Though, every 2nd forge will always be a success.

Damn that sucks, what’ the point in upgrading him aside from less forging time, he is bloody useless ??

There used to be the possibility of unlimited fails, so this is a huge improvement.

I just assume it’s going to cost me twice what a forge is worth, and then am happy when I hit it on the first shot.