pearl is very important to raid dungeon…

time warp is my favorite pearl spell,how about u?

and my question is 1 pearl equal with how many gems? or just random?

i wonder about next update if that related with pearl

I think they should add others possibilty to earn pearls instead of only by spending gems. Also for me time warp its cheap and very useful if you are in tragic time !

7 to 8 gems = 1 pearl every (every spend of gems). :grinning:

As far as I have noticed , spending about 20 gems will give you 1 pearl.

As recently i spent around 100 gems on an item and I received 5 pearls for that.

i tried scrolling in other’s base with 1cast battle cry and my pearls add 1pearl

That’s because you must have spent few gems before , and when you used battle cry, you reached the 20 gems cap and received the pearl.

If you don’t believe try spending gems just after you receive a pearl. Best way to know is by going to granny and try hitting the new item/more and calculate how much gems it took for 1 pearl.

hmmmmm… kkkkk . :grinning:

yes they should!

wow valuable pearl

Yeah they are really valuable, and as sn1kt and other high level player suggested few time ago , not spending these pearls until level 70 or 80 is really important , as they will be required at high levels to buy legendary items or for raids .

7 gems equal to 1 pearl who said you that if you use 20 you’ll get 1 go see James Howlett video on youtube when raids Nikkoesq and also use a tons of gems only in granny searches and that is 7 gems = 1 pearl


Really a knowledgeable advice…Before level 70 I spent a lot of pearls (it’d be better to say…all) and when the “using pearls” scroll has come, I cry liters of tears and eaten a lot of fingers!! :slightly_frowning_face:

The new scrolls using pearls are great too.

Now we have something to spend pearls on other than just Granny

You really should mind your tone while posting on forums . And I don’t need to see any video to understand these things, I play everyday and that’s how I come to learn these things . Maybe you need to update your information rather than telling someone to go see videos.