Pearls in COF after update a prank?!

So everytime I fail I see 85+ pearls at level 101… The highest i seen was 100


But heres the “fun” part I got 3rd chest twice with peals and guess how many I got? 12 and 14… exactly the same ammount as before the update.

So when you guys say that the pearls are increased in the chests then you only mean increased in the chests that we didnt get?


Really?!..  and then I found 1 and 2 pearls in first and second chest many times… This is your idea of increased?

Noticed it as well. Saw only once +80 pearls in a 3rd chest, later when my chamber was full I only saw 12 max in the 3rd chest so now can only get 1+2+12, lol.

I was so thrilled when I saw that there was a chest with 100 pearls in it since I often get pearls in 3rd chest


What a joke… Hey guys we increase the pearl value in the chests that you failed getting in COF but the ones you actually can get contains the same ammount! Have fun :slight_smile:

This sounds just like gems, you only see them when you fail. Flares must be kidding us!

No karma it’s kinda different because the rare occasion you get gems you get the same value as shown when you fail

But when you get 3rd hest pearls you get 12 instead of the 85+ showing When you fail even more scammy

Everything is a scam since a long time.They wont let you gain pearls that easily lol

Probably because of inactivity of the update, pearls getting remain the same as before update. It 's better to see update active rather than complain 

The same old story. You Flare have no shame really. For Goodness sake stop this scam with pearls already. YOU WILL NEVER FOOL US AGAIN. AND I WILL NEVER PAY FOR THE 3RD CHEST. Why do you consider us being a bunch of morons? I will never understand this business where is not enough that you win anyway, oh no you feel the need to steal as well and only then you will be happy. Shame on you .


No we can see the high ammount of pearls existing I have now gotten 8 3rd chests with pearls all below 15. However if I fail the 3rd pearl chest value is never below 60.

Me and some alliance members have tried using gems guess what happens? Woho high value pearls but if you don’t use gems… nope… Disgusting? Hell yes

Why do businesses have to be scammy?

Why can’t people make games that’re enjoyed by all. Players who buy packages (or pay) get a faster rate of increase/growth and freebie players who play with a dream of reaching to the top though skills, patience and dedication.


Actually, it is because of us (free players) that the RR2 has such a big fan following, precisely what you are cashing in when you offer free videos for boosts and tap joy. You earn when we watch videos.


There is something going wrong, which is evident from so many disgruntled players (evident from so many negative comments) voicing their concern. 


I know of many games that were hit. Then the devs. got greedy and started to only cater to the paying members. The game base slowly started to reduce.  By the time, they realised it was late. People had other interesting games to play (one of which was RR2). The problem was these paying members got bored because the devs. just could not keep pace with their demands. They had the money so they started playing some other game. 


Flare: what you need to see is players who are and will be loyal to you will always be free or occasional package buyers (we all play for fun). If you cater to them as well as the top players, this game will go on for many more years otherwise, I am sorry, it will loose steam to some other game that comes as a bubble burst.

Now and then I see 1 (!!) single pearl in the first chest. On the other hand, upgrading a perk may fail 15 times in a row. This is what happend to me the other day. 15 × 225 pearls lost vs. 1 gained. Are you kidding me?

9th 3rd pearl chest without using gems 10 pearls 10!!!

This is such a big joke :confused:

Hi Macamus,


I meant that maybe algorithm of getting pearls from CoF remains the same as before (1.9.6) and could be different after the upgrade will be active.

Maybe but then its strange how it seems easy to get it as soon as you spend gems to open chests

i gt 54 once but missed 92,94,86, like 5 to 6 times 

Same here.

I got 1 pearl several times on the first chest!

But when I miss, it will always show 50-100 pearls. Even on second nd third chest the rewards actually received r around 12-14 pearls!

It is actually ironical after they say that they hv fixed the CoF. Still no gems. Still the crappy items, even when all chests had items!

I spent around 1500 pearls on boosts, expecting to fill the difference soon! This is a total scam!

I think this will change with the server update. It acts like a side effect of deactivating most of the new update.

A developer speaks out:




Hello RevenantT,


first of all, thanks for your post. Some answers:


  1. Pearl-Upgrading of Towers, Obstacles, Spells, Troops


  • There are no endless upgrades for Pearls. There is a limit and the limit depends on the aspect you wanted to upgrade. Typically it is around ~30% of the base strength.

  • We know that players will need more Pearls, so we did a number of things.

>> we increased the number of pearls the blacksmith can melt per day.

>> we increased the number of hero-items you get in the CoF

>> we increased the number of hero-items you get from Chests

>> we increased the amount of Pearls you get from CoF

>> we increased the amount of Pearls you get from Chests

>> we added new ways to get Chests 

>> we will have events inwhich you can earn more Pearls frequently.


There will never be a situation inwhich a Pearl boosted tower would become so powerful that you cannot destroy with 3-4 Sonic Blasts. Never ever. 


We have been approached very often by players who said, if you add a little bit range to Troop A, I could use it. If you add a little bit power to Tower B, I would know a new strategy. If the Cooldown of Spell C would a bit smaller, then I could use it for my raids. So that is the reason, to give you the chance to discover new strageies and to adapt the gameplay elemets towards your style of play.




  1. Alliance-Levels


  • The extra Alliance Levels do not add extra slots of players for two reasons.

>> We feel with 60 players the Alliances are big enough.

>> We did not want to put you in a situation where you feel forced to level your Alliance very quickly just to stay competitive in wars. We hope that it will be a much more long-term approach even for top-alliances. 



  1. Gold


  • We know that it is very likely that after the upgrade there might be not enough Gold. That is a situation we do not like. We did the following to hopefully prevent this:

  • Together with the server-update that unlocks the new levels of the most buildings, troops and spells we also added changes to the Gold economy balancing.

>> You will get a lot more Gold “subventions” per battle.

>> Also the Gold you find in CoF will be higher.

>> And then you will find better gold rewards from the chests.

>> Hopefully the extra Tavern levels and the production boost will also help.


So hopefully the situation that you describe is not happening. Anyway we will have a close eye on it and increase the Gold-bonus if necessary.







Yeah the Dev post only says pearls increased in cof but obviousely this is a Lie and only occurs when you spend gems.

I managed to open all 3 chests 10 times now without spending gems and pearls in last chest. It was always 10-15 like before.

BT if I unlock chests with gems I can get as much as 100 pearls…


same thing I had happen to me got 10 pearls in chest not the 60+ I see when I don’t open them, just got another pearl 3rd chest at it was 14 this time.