Pearls in non COF chests

When you get a legendary draw in the normal chests the maximum pearls you can get is 50.

Shouldn’t this be adjusted to 100 so it matches the max value you can get in cof? Same with gems 

I can get green gear that I can melt for more than this “legendary” value 

If you propose we can find 100 pearls in a Chest. Wow you can imagine the impact that gonna have in the game. You kill all the challenge

Just right now with 44-45 legendary pearls if you stack like 15 War chest + 17 Free Chest. You can get 600 pearls or more easy just in 4 days

with melting items during this 4 days can give 1000 pearls or more. Each 4 days you can get easily 2000 pearls or more

Now imagine 2 seconds if we have 100 pearls because its not rare to get twice legendary in the same chest

15 War Chest + 17 free Chest containing 100 pearls = Oh my god players can get 2000 pearls or more just in chest without effort

Plus during this 4 days of melting non stop to get because you must thinks some people have 5 or 6 or 8 slots of melthing at 600%

Free Player

Actually a free players can get with 3 slots melting maybe 4 at 150-200% if you upgrade your blacksmith at level 11+ can get 1000 pearls in a week

the same player can get 15 War chest + 17 Free Chest = That give easily each time 600 pearls or more

in 4 days a free players can get between 1200 and 2000 pearls in a week during a War Season

A Pay to Win Player

Actually a P2W player can have easily 8 slots of melting at 600% that give maybe 100 pearls per items or more. that give 3000 pearls in a week

the same player can get 15 War chest + 17 Free chest - 600 pearls

in 4 days a P2w players can get maybe between 1500 and 5000 pearls easily

Now its you put 100 pearls in a Chest :

A Free players can now get between 2000 and 3000 pearls

A pay to win can now get between 3000 and 6000 pearls in 4 days

You idea gonna kill the advantage a Pay to Win player have against a Free players

and for me that gonna kill the difficulty of the game. With 100 pearls in a chest everyone in this game gonna able to upgrade each units,spells and defense without a little effort

this idea gonna kill the difference between people who try hard to develop their base and all

and new player who gonna come and able to do their base in 2 or 3 month only

for me no!!! 45 its enough

My first post show you a short time of 4 days only. Now you must think in a long term a player who play

at 45 pearls right now if you accumulate pearls during 1 month

A Free Player during a War Season can get 2000 pearls easily and there is 3 War each month

2000 x 3 = 6000 plus if you add the pearls you get off War

maybe Free players can get 8000 pearls/month

A pay to win players can get 3000 pearls during War Season

3000x3 = 9000 pearls plus some off war

a Pay to Win can get easily 10k Pearls/Month

Now think about long term with 100 pearls in a chest

Free players during War season can get 1000 pearls or more in chest plus melting items

3000 X 3 = 9000 and plus off war melting and stuffs in COF

a Free player can now have with 100 pearls in a chest maybe 10k/Month

in a year 100k or 120k if you acumulate all without spend them

A Pay to Win player with 100 pearls chest + 600% in Blacksmith

During War maybe 4000 x 3 = 12K pearls plus off war COF and all stuffs

maybe 20k/month or more

a pay to win who accumulate during 1 year = 200K or 250K pearls

oh my god with that you kill the game completely. Its no more a Tower defense with 100 pearls in chest the game become a Who upgrade their kingdom in 1 month


Oh god so much nonsense from you again :confused:

First of all you get like 4-5 legendary chests per war IF you manage to get that much skulls, secondly you can get legendary gold bread items vouchers gems…  so whats then the chance of getting pearls in thoose 4-5 chests? Not really big…

You’re saying a free player can get 2000 pearls during a war season… is it logical to you that you can get 20 x legendary pearl values in those chests (assuming 100 was max value)?  like really… what game are you playing?  Jesus :confused:

1 month to upgrade everything? what?  Most upgrades has one WEEK cooldown between you can perk them, and regarding pearl prices take wolf and sonic blast as example… 400 pearls per spin…

1 week per perk… oh and how many times can we perk 1 stat  before value decreases? about 20 in each stat… So even if you could afford keeping stuff permanently on cooldown is 60 weeks 1 month? No…

Skull towers 250 pearls per spin… how many of those can  u have? How on earth does your random numbers even sufice to this? Lets say you got 10 skull towers and if you fail on each then thats 5k pearls per week… now add baricades, your 10 other towers units and spells…  Get the picture? Nah i guess you dont… *sigh*

And you saying a p2w player would lose his advantage over a f2p because of this? wake up maybe? Blacksmith costs 23k+ gems to unlock and melting 1 epic item sometiems gives more than 100 pearls but i guess you have no clue about that either… so p2w would still have a huge advantage.  I am fascinated by how your logics are just so insanely off…

You just keep posting random stuff without even thinking. So ignorant :confused: please stop and go somewhere else

I concur with Macamus (whoa! does the world feel right today?). I’m a free player, and I gotta say it’s hard to collect a good amount of pearls. Most forges are very expensive and with long cooldowns. And also you have to take in consideration that you should always save twice the price of pearls in case you miss the first try, so you can get the second one right away. Pearls are hard to collect, even if you spend a thousand gems, you only get 300 pearls, hardly ever you can collect a good amount on CoF because its fortune is low, and about chests… Free videos chests mostly contain gold, legendary war chests are hard to get, it depends a lot on your war map, your alliance has to survive long enough for you to be able to reach them, and they don’t always contain pearls by the way, and common/enchanted/rare/epic chests usually don’t offer a good amount of them.

Sorry for you but all I write its on my own experience. If not concern you I’m sorry

What I said its not a non sense its the number I have that’s all!!! No fictif number in that or exaggeration

I have a Blacksmith level 8 and 3 slots melting items and I got easily between 80 and 100 pearls each day and if I boost my blacksmith I can have maybe 150 pearls or more each day

Now about War I’m sorry for you if you have only 2 or 3 free chest. For me I no trouble to get the 15 War Chest + 16 Free Chest with Vungle Ads + 2 Daily Chest

and for me it give me no joke on that I have video to prove it. I get between 700 and 1000 Pearls after each War with the 33 Chest

In COF I have no trouble to get so many 80,90 or 100 pearls in the 3rd chest because I know where to get it

For me i have no trouble to have with Free chest,War chest,Daily Chest,COF and melting maybe 5000 pearls or more in a month

And if I can have that, the others player can have that

Now think about people who have Blacksmith level 11+ and 6 or 8 slot at 400 or 600% if I have a chance to have that. Omg my pearls by month gonna be like 10,000 easily or more

I don’t care if you are not able to understand the mechanics of this game or don’t know how to get pearls in huge number. If I can do it many people can do it

Like I said if Flaregames put 100 pearls in Chest they kill their own game

PS : Wow Ironic here you call the others ignorant and said we must leave the forum but the fact when we read you prove wihout doubt you are the one here who is the must ignorant. Just the fact you don’t know Legendary Gold,Pearls and Gems are in all chest and not only in Legendary chest. When we read you we look you don’t know yu must be full in Gold or close and full in foods before open chest. Finally I am not surprise if you open the chest 1 by 1 and don’t stack them. Little advice stop said the others are ignorants and look yourself. you are not credible when you talk  

Then you’re lucky. Getting legendary stuff on non-legendary chests is very hard. Also, not all of us are lucky enough to have so many videos to watch for chests, indeed I have to use BlueStacks and even so I get an offer only each 6 hours, let’s take in count that I have to sleep and I’m not at home all day for using my PC, so at most I can get 2 chests per day, and chests don’t always give pearls, I already mentioned that.

By the way, how can you say that you have no trouble getting pearls on third chest on CoF? If that’s the case, then you must spend gems to open all chests, because there’s no way to “know where to get it”.

1.Sorry but for me I don’t have trouble to get legendary stuff in a non-legendary chest. whether it was Legendary Hero items (sometime I get 2 in a chest) or legendary pearls or legendary Gold,etc… If a have a chance to put all my video on my Youtube channel you gonna see what I said its true. but you must wait next month. I have reach my data cap this month. Something like 36 Go on 40

2.All chest I open give me pearls no matter what I have pearls in each chest or at 90%

3.I don’t spend any gems in COF I know exactly what pattern to use to get pearls in 3rd Chest and again I have video to prove it

You thing what I said its just because I am lucky? if its the case then I must be super high lucky because for me I have no trouble to get legendary stuff in chest, pearls in 3rd chest in COF,etc…


Yes, I think you’re extremely lucky  :stuck_out_tongue:

how exactly do free players unlock slots and boost blacksmith without buying gems? They don’t. Your numbers are not based on a free player’s options.

Sorry I try differently my approach. I see its not clear for everyone sorry. I try to explain but I’m not good sorry

Ok i see what I try to said don’t work at all. I have a Ideal perhaps that gonna work to make you understand my point of view.

OK I take myself like a example for a Free players.

(Pearls with Melting)

I have a Blacksmith level 8 and 3 slots that give 150% pearls each items.Each day I can get 100 to 150 pearls

A free player can with dungeon get the 1,000 gems or with help of quest and unlock the 4 slot and get 200%

If I can get with 150% between 100 and 150 pearls easy now imagine with 200% that gonna give me like 150-200

Now if a P2W players unlock the 8 slots and get 600% logically and if you have a Blacksmith level 11+ you can easily get maybe X4 the number I have.Maybe 600 each day

(Pearls in Chest)

A free player and P2W for chest its the same thing here. If I can get between 500 and 1000 pearls with 15 War Chest + 16 Free chest + 2 Daily chest

I know its not everyone who can get this I know

(Pearls in COF)

Again I have a patterns who allow me to get enough often the 3rd chest with 60+ pearls

Now if you follow what I said and hope so. My point is if at 45 pearls I can easily Boost my units,defense and spells at +10 without problem imagine at 100 pearls

before someone ask me impossible to get +10 for each. I am super lucky and at 90% of time always have success in 1 shot. Sorry if the game give me always success. and I don’t talk about Ogre,or Skulls who demand 250 or 300

I talk about its so easy to upgrade stuffs with thing at 100 or 150 pearls like Knight,Archer,Froster,Traps,Barricade,etc…

I know Macamus Ogre,Werewolf of Sonic blast or other things cost very high in Pearls like 250,300 or more and if you fail that cost double

don’t worry I know all that. My point its at 100 pearls you must think about the others units,defense and spells. that gonna be so easy to upgrade Knight or Archer or Froster at +20 or more. or barricade or traps,etc… that’s my point

for me you destroy the balance between the fun to have a little difficulty to boost things and have no fun because you have so much pearls that become borring when your stuffs are at +20 in maybe 2 month

Ok during I watching the hockey game I think about something maybe that give you more ideal of my point of view if all previous post don’t

Update 1.9.5 Allow us to have Blacksmith and finally give us the opportunity to get pearls. Ok this don’t make the game more easy

Update 1.9.6 Allow us to have Daily chest. Ok again this don’t make more easy just a little help

Update 2.0.0 add monk and lightning tower

Update 2.1.0 Allow Windows players to have Vungle ads and Boost for taverns,blacksmith and farms.

Since 1.7.0 and 1.9.0 the game was so hard no chest,no gold,no pearls. The game demanded Skills only player with skills had reward from League,War,etc…

with 1.9.5,1.9.6 and 2.1.0 the game become so easy now. the game don’t demand skills anymore. The worst player can win diamond league,War or big reward

because the gold,pearls,and hero stuffs are now so easy to get. Upgrade stuffs,units,spells,building or boost units,spells or defense become so easy

but again all of this make the game easy and difficult at the same time. You must keep upgrade stuffs to defeat high players

If you add 100 pearls in chest. The balance its broken. If you can now have easy gold,easy pearls,etc… What still in this game? you kill totally the skills a player most have to be in top 10 or win a Diamond league.

with 100 pearls same the more noobs in this game with no skills at all can have knight,archer,froster at +20, spells,defense at +5 and become the most dangerous King in this game

Simple 45 pearls make the game easy and difficult at the same time who demand a little skill to go far in the game and time to develop your kingdom

with 100 pearls make the game very easy at the point same a noob with no skills,no talents can be dangerous and go far maybe in short time

For me reward the players with skills and talent and not player with no skills,no talents

The idea to have 100 pearls in chest. in another side you propose to reward players with no skills,no talents and help them to develop kingdom in 5 month or less

When us it took like 1 year or 1 year in a half to develop kingdom

at this point why not demand Flaregames to give us 200 Gems in COF and make them easy to get or 500 Gems in Chest.

It is not possible to quickly improve anything with pearls as a free player. Why? Cool down time is horrendously long and horrendously expensive to skip with gems. No 1000 gem prize from dungeons or anything else is going to cover that. One cool down period can cost thousands of gems to skip. If you don’t skip it then it will literally take more than a year as macamus said already. Free players will never catch up to pay to win players even if Flare increases the pearl prizes in chests.

I see. I never see a game who a free player can have the same advantage like a P2W players.Maybe you right the 100 pearls will change anything. I forgot about the cooldown of 7 day for some boost.


You forgot about all the facts basicly :slight_smile:

Getting legendary “draws” in non legendary chests can happen but you are calculating them to happen every damn time and thats just completely absurd. The legendary chest videos is not working for everyone and some only get 1-3 chests per day, mostly containing gold and 40-50 pearls, which is just a drop in the ocean concidering what you need for perking things.

Saying you only got a level 8 blacksmith you are probably low level and havnt even started perking the majority of perkable things yet so why make such a big fuss if you severly lack the experience about this subject?

Spenders are getting pearls everytime they spend gems.

Spenders can open all cof chests they want.

Spenders can unlock all slots in the blacksmith converting items for 600% pearl value, while boosted the blacksmith has a 8 second melting time per pearl… making them able to melt 5 400 pearls per 24 hours. …

Adding more pearls in the non COF chests would benefit both spenders and free players.

And you say that  P2W players and free players has the same advantage? Whaaaaaat…

@Macamus oh my god not again. again I think i gonna have a long debate because you cannot read carefully or think you are better than everyone in this game. Grow up ok!!! its my fault now if I can have a advantage and not the other one. Sorry if my Vungle Ads work perfect and I can get between 13 and 16 Free chest each 2 day that give me easily 45 Legendary Pearl in each chest. Yes I open yesterday my 12 Chest and again you cannot said its not true I have video to prove it.In my 12 chest I got between 450 and 500 pearls

2.its not my fault if with only a Blacksmith level 8 I can get easily when Boosted between 100 and 150 pearls because I melt non stop

3.I never said P2W and Free player have the same advantage return to school to learn how to read. You try to said thing that I never said

4.its not my fault if I a learn the mechanics of the game enough fast. Someone teach me how to stack up chest help you more. That I doing I stack up the 15 chest in War + 13 Free chest + 2 daily chest that give me between 500 and 1000 pearls after war plus 15 millions or more

5.You must stop to think you are superior of the others player or better in this world. You are arrogant and his very annoying

6.You must accept the opinion of the others and not only accept what you said

For me I repeat 100 pearls in a chest gonna kill the game. You said it yourself a P2W can have 5400 pearls in 24 hours imagine with 100 pearls. What you want? You want to have 1 millions of pearls in 24 hours to boost all your stuffs at +100

Fail its a part of the game and you must accept it. Lost 200,400 or 1000 pearls for just +1 in the game. You cannot demand to have 1 millions pearls just because you fail and lost so much pearls.

Anyway I don’t fear Flaregames not going to do that anyway. the 45 pearls gonna stay in the game


Still ignorant i see haha…

How about you go play the game and actually learn how it works before you keep postin nonstop stuff that no one can relate too ? Sounds like a really good idea to me since you obviousely are clueless here.

Nothing you say makes any sense at all in any thread at all… boom… thats the truth and it must be hurting you hard. Or I guess not at all because you are too ignorant to understand anything


And here learn how to read? maybe learn how to type look at your broken english :slight_smile:

Too me it looks like you are implying a 100 pearl in chest change would make pw2 and free players equal… but you know. really broken english here so maybe go to school and learn to type, so that others can read what you are trying to say? lol :wink:

Yeah no one can stop your level of stupidity and ignorance. Go on marching :wink: