Pearls not collected from blacksmith

This happened not the first time, it happens irregularly from time to time (I cannot recognise a pattern):

Selecting the blacksmith to collect my pearls I just got—as usually—the beautiful animation of pearls floating upwards and a big green «+483»—the problem is, none of them were added. I had as little pearls as before, but I lost the items.

Restarting the game does not help and with farms or taverns I never had this problem.

IGN: rs könig | RR2 4.5.0 | device: iPhone 8 / iOS 12

My god what you describe is a very old bug from 2016. Never tough to hear about this in 2019. The bug was pearls appear on the screen and the animation but there was not added

If that happen some solution

1.Add a another item to melt. This action should make pearls added. You can raid and gain some item in COF or buy black one from granny for low price

2.Wait 10 minutes and do some raid. Just a delay

Normally these 2 solutions should solve your problem. Hope so. that happening a lots when 2.5.0 blacksmith was added to the game. Get this bugs until 2017. Never hear of it since. the button to get all foods,gold and pearls was added in 2018 and have solve the problem. Never got this bugs after this add. So I am surprise to read about this today

PS : in my case that was caused by a really slow internet who caused delay in all. in 2016 I had like 1 Mbit and over 2000 ms ping. that was not great for online game