Perdida de trofeos


Por que me saca trofeos siendo 1000 trofeos mas alto que yo? pero yo no, deberia ser igual para los dos 




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Sir Ale, if I’m translating correct (pardon, mi Espanol es muy rustico)- you are wondering why you received zero trophies when the guy you fought was 1000 trophies lower than you. And why did you lose 2 to him?

Trophies are based off of your strength on offense vs your opponent’s strength on defense. You get higher trophies for harder matchups. However, there is a limit. I don’t know the exact number, but if someone much lower than you beats you, they’ll get more trophies than if you beat them.  Now, if you beat someone say 900 trophies higher than YOU- you would likely win a lot of trophies due to the difficulty in which you had to win.  It’s made that way so 5000 point players can’t just suck trophies from low level players who won’t stand a chance.