Perfect Balance Achieved: Arblaster-Froster-Pyromancer

This is just a compliment!

I believe you have achieved the perfect balance with Arblaster, Froster, and Pyromancer!

Before you added the two new levels to the Froster and Pyromancer, the Arblaster was imbalanced.  And he was really the only useful ranged anti-unit unit. 

I had one slot that was always only used for the Arblaster.  Now, I’m always rotating them in and out depending on the enemy I’m facing. 

Thanks so much!  I’m so much happier with the game play and diversity now!

do you mean boosted arblaster uber and frost frenzy I find the plain arblaster still useless

The Plain Arblaster has been 90% of my defense for about a year now.  And he’s been at least 30% of my offense until just recently. 

I think the Uberblaster is way over powered and kind of silly cause we already had the Frenzy Blaster.

arbs are my defence mostly too. But I find people who have max swordrain wipe out my base pretty easily

Yup. I love a base with arblasters! No match for my Swordrain.


Surprisingly I don’t get a lot of Swordrain damage…  I think it’s cause my tower configuration.  Either way it works for me.

Normal arbs you don’t need SR, bliz see’s them off nicely, and gives skulls a good kicking too.


Yeah that can be tough.  Particularly if you have a lot of Skull Towers.