Perk cooldowns multiplied by four?

So my knights are perked to level 16 now and everytime it was 24h cooldown.


But I just did my daily perk upgrade on them and now 4 days and 11 hours that is a really huge difference. I’m assuming this is because of the new blacksmith change.


But what about spells that already took 4 days cooldown will they have like 16 days now? Seems a bit rough 

The success rate was change too 100% after a fail forge thus the cool down is made longer. You should be happy at least we will fail once while being assured we would be successful on our next attempt :slight_smile:

A whole week cooldown on my spells now. 

Yeah I guess this makes it less pay to win and gives everyone a bigger chance at growing stronger at same pace… unless someone goes gem crazy and speeds up these long cooldowns.


Maybe for the future we could have events where perk cooldowns were reduced :slight_smile: