Perk Details

Hi, we realized that a lot of people would like to have more detailed information on which perks can appear on which types of items and from what point in the game on that is possible. So we created the following table to show that information publicly. First it is important to understand that most perks have a minimum item level that is needed for them to appear. When you upgrade an item with a level that is too low, they will not appear on the item, no matter how often you upgrade it. Also every perk can only appear on certain types of items (like Helmets or Capes etc.). Also some perks are “Uber Perks” and can only appear in the 2nd perk-slot, when an item has reached Uber-quality.



We also plan to have this information visible in the game in one of the next updates.


Have fun!



Felix what does the % stand for in the table?

I guess the % is the chance to appear on that determinate item.

XP boosts, life drain and that sodding Garg boost appeared loads more % wise for me when I was playing, though garg health seems to have gone from that list now, thank god.

Could be interesting for spells perks know the %


EDITED: lol i was blind, i didn’t see there was  :wink:

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Yesterday when there was the special offer about the blizzard perk, I got the blizzard perk on a cape (the table says it’s impossible)

It crashed the game and when I reconnected my cape had a stupid perk.


I see some %ages don’t add up to 100%: cape is 90%, bodyarmor is 103%

Is there a reason for that?


Could that be the reason of the bug?

Same here, i have some of my allies with the blizzard perk ON A CAPE. This table must be corrected

These types of events raise the chances of getting blizzard on items that have a chance of improving it. Not on ANY item, that would be non-sense. :slight_smile:


Again, I appreciate when the devs team share some information like that.

It’s just too bad that for once they do, they give us something incorrect ;(

What the table means is don’t think too much, just enjoy the game. If you have the pearls, go for the upgrade which might give you the best items. I mean concentrate on only those items that can give you what you want (~). 

Please change the gargoyle health perks and damage perks to necromancer health perks and damage perks, since nobody using gargoyle units on raid and so that player can forge the necromancer perks on normal item, dont have to use the festival items so the choice or chance are the same because removing the gargoyle as one of the choice so it will not ruin the estetic also