Perk removal

Would be nice if during the blacksmith event removing a perk would cost pearls instead of gems… or better, during the uber granny days, at least that event will be finally usefull! ?

I do believe that during Blacksmith events, the gem cost is 50% off. So that is a plus, but this isn’t a bad idea. Just not sure it’ll make it to the game because of the gem discount that is already in place during this event

yes but not everybody buy gems!  :grinning:

anyway they could add another event, so there will not be the problem you mentioned 

no, I mean 50% off perk removal gem cost. Sorry I was a bit vague

I’m a free player, so I don’t buy gems haha

i’m confused… Are you sure about that? I’ve never seen discounts on the perk removal

There’s no 50% off for perk removal in every RR2 weekly events yet.

50% off from Blacksmith Meltdown event is for Hero inventory slots.

okay, thanks for the clarification RoyaleDing!!

Eventually you will get to a point in the game where gems are not worth that much anymore, but you’ll always need tons of pearls.

Any pearl you would not spend on forging something, would be a wasted pearl.

yes, exactly!

Maybe this is true for players who buy gems, but trust me… Free players always need gems! ?

Anyway just a discount on the perk removal as awesomestknightest metioned would be fine! 

As a free player you are able to buy all 8 BS slots, max out your alliance tower and buy lots of inventory spaces. If you play the game long enough and well enough, you will get there. If you only buy the daily gem pack (which is a very good deal and minimal cost wise) you’ll get there much faster.

Once you get there, you’ll need pearls much more than gems.

Until you get there you still need each and every pearl you can get your hands on and you can’t waste them.

yes i’m totally agree with you, i’m a free player, and i have maxed the alliance tower, i have 80 inventory slots, and i just need the last BS slot, but hey i’m playing for 2/3 years.
ps: no tapjoy for me ;(

Me neither, tapjoy has always sounded like gem heaven LOL

I am agree with the idea. If during a Blacksmith event we can have 50% discount on gems price to remove perk. will be more benefit for Flare. More people will buy the little pack of gems at 500. More money for Flare and free player will be able to remove perk more easily during a Blacksmith Event