Perk transfer from one item to another

If Flare allows a perk from one item to be transferred to another (with a price, say, 1000 gems), this will add a lot more depth to the game, and will give meaning to many items that are otherwise useless.


To avoid abuse of the transfer, the perk can only be transferred on 2 conditions:-


  1. same item type

  2. a transfer from the same slot, i.e. 1st slot from item A to 1st slot of item B.


For example, a perk from the 1st slot of a ring, can only be transferred to the 1st slot of another ring. This means that a king will still only have the ability to equip just 1 aura ring. The fact that a king will still only be able to have 5 skull perks in war gear will also remain unchanged.


Many items that are otherwise useless can now have their perks transferred to an existing item that are useful. For example, the pro glove with other exclusive perks can be transferred to the pro glove with skull perk after paying the transfer price of 1000 gems.


More importantly, players are able to mix and match and create more combos by finding more items.

In the past I think it was @Maerique that proposed item fusion.


It was similar like the proposal you make. It indeed would be pretty handy and eliminate the misery of depending on a factor so called luck. But no answer from keenflare on that proposal. 

For a long time I am already trying to get skull perk on my heal ring. I in the meanwhile lost counting, had every other perk except skull at least 2-6 times so far, but no success. I indeed would be prepared to pay the price of 1k gems, to end this endless attempt to get the skull perk transferred. It indeed would also mean that I would invest in other items, like the zombie gloves for example. If I could turn them into skull perks, by fusing them with skull gloves, I immediately would do so.  

This would be a very cool feature, but with 1 condition: this would not work on any item with skull perk.

But other than that, it’s fine.

why not?


I placed the 2 conditions as per the original posts, making it impossible for one to have more than 5 skull perks in war gear no matter how one transfers perks from one item to another.


I’m not one of those old players who have 400+ forges on items, but it sounds silly to me that they are unable to transfer their highly forged skull perk item when new items are available.

I can see it both ways.

On one hand you don’t want to lose that super high skull perk item and can transfer it to another item at a cost.

On the other hand, it would give players an advantage of moving that skull perk to another item, thereby giving them a really good war setup.

Downside for Flare is that less gems would be used during war since you now have better gear with your higher skull perk.

Because that would massively benefit the older and richests players in the game. You know, those that have +6.90% skull perks in old uber items, leadership/scream rings and so on.

They already have monstrous skull% because they’re older/richer. The downside of that is they’re missing the newest items and the newest perks.

If what you suggest was implemented without any skull perk restrition, there would not be any drawback anymore. They’d have their cake and eat it too.


But other than skull perk, I think your idea is pretty good.


Once again, I’m not speaking about myself, my skull perk is no where near that and I can still easily switch items when new skull items appear in the game.


But as a player I would like to have that comfort in knowing that when I play the game and invest the game currency into the item, it is transferable so I don’t have too much of wastage.


The older players are fed up and many have retired. They can’t even enjoy new things in the game due to such restrictions.


IMO, any old game, going forward, should not have such restrictions. The way to encourage newer players isn’t to place restrictions on older players, but to give newer players more opportunities to catch up. Those 2 are VERY different things.



I had an idea that when you melt down an item you had a chance to save one of the Perks in a Rune.  It would happen randomly at say a 20% chance rate and over time you would collect a variety of Runes.  These runes can be placed in gear with an open slot. 

And to make it more interesting, Runes can be joined together to create more powerful Runes

For Example 3 Legendary Runes of the Same Perk can be joined together to make 1 Uber Rune for say 50 gems

The equipment you place a Rune on must be the same level or better.  So you wouldn’t be able to put a Pro Rune on a Legendary Item

They definitely gave newer players many more opportunities to catch up (while the older players have either retired or adapted) Events that gave % discounts for building time, costs, skull perks, none of those things existed. I recall when I first started, you had to have over 8+ workers since it would take over a week to upgrade your tower and there were no options to speed it up other than to use gems. 

Maybe to reward older players (only way would be based on king level), make a tier that allows players to transfer skull perks from one item to the next at a % penalty.


130 - 0.5%

125-129 - 1.0%

120-124 - 1.5%