Perks in 2018

In the same vein as the summary of Powers I made over the summer (, here is a summary of the current perks with the goal of discovering which perks are well balanced and which perks could use modification. Feedback and suggestions are encouraged! Disclaimer: these are only my opinions, which while always 100% correct and of the highest quality, may be disputed by others all the same. Feel free to chime in!

“Normal” Perks

Weapon Speed  - Always useful, never underpowered, takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’. It’s lovely.

Cooldown  - The list could really stop after these two. There’s nothing that changes a build more than high cooldown. It’s already been nerfed once and I wouldn’t recommend a second nerf. 

Stun -  Ok, these 3 perks are all you need. The GK killer. If/when GKs are “fixed”, stun might fade back into obscurity as Petrify’s less powerful sister, but until then, long live the queen.

Petrify -  Stun works on everything (except phalanx walls?), petrify only works on units, but that’s where the similarities end. Petrify, when it works, is pretty nice. But you need a lot of it and it really only shines when combined with Area Damage. There’s not a lot of room for it on most builds. Recommendation: I think this one could use an improvement. Buff the % per point of Petrify, so you need fewer petrify items to get an impact. Then you can afford to use one item slot on Petrify and one on Area Damage, instead of 2 or 3 on petrify to make it meaningful.

Life on Hit  - The first of the other pair of similar-but-different perks, LoH is powerful, simple, and very effective. It’s almost critical to have. If your hero is dying, you probably don’t have enough LoH. Period, end of story. How does it compare to Regeneration? I don’t really know because why would I use Regeneration when there’s LOH?

Regeneration -  Sucks. Seriously, it’s inferior to LoH in almost every way. 1, it only works on offense. LoH works on defense too. 2. you need a LOT of it to make it useful. Then it works, but almost in spite of itself. Pre-forging you could build a hero around high regen if (and only if) you had a really great ring that just happened to have regen. In that situation you could double down and make it work. But in 2018 it’s been completely left behind. Recommendation: A complete makeover or throw it in the trash can and just have one healing perk.



Fire  - One of the more useful resistances. There are lots of high-damage fire sources. Having a little resistance to it is nice.

Poison  - Another useful one, just because hydra towers do so much splash damage. Never unwelcome.

Lightning -  Less useful in my opinion. Only one lightning-type tower, and while they’re deadly, they can be avoided easier than the big-damage fire and poison towers. Lightning-type units don’t do enough pure damage to make the resistance useful. No recommendations, except that another lightning tower or high-damage unit would make this perk better.

Ice  - Like lightning resist, except there isn’t even one big damage ice tower. Pretty useless.

Physical  - It’s not useless to have some on heroes with no shields. But since more than half the heroes have shields it’s niche. Good for a GK situationally.


Unique Perks

Demolition -  I think it’s very well balanced the way that it is. It’s great for smashing through tough barricades, etc… but there are other perks which help you out more when you get to the gate. If it were any more powerful it wouldn’t be an interesting choice, you’d select Demo for every situation and it would always be the correct choice.

Potency -  Yes, it’s effective in high doses. No, it’s not easy to get high doses. It’s inferior to Cooldown in every way. Recommendation: Potency needs to be at least as good as CD in order to be a viable rare perk.This means it needs to have an impact on every power (in every way), not just some. Otherwise you’d be foolish to select Potency over cooldown. You’d be foolish to select a little bit of potency over more cooldown. If you can max out cooldown and have room to spare, then yes, Potency is a nice secondary choice. This is a niche situation. I understand this recommendation calls for a full redesign of the perk.

Frostbite -  It’s usually underwhelming, even in high doses. It’s just too situational. Give it an AOE ability, buff the damage big time, something. It needs something.

Damage Reflection -  It’s overpowered on GKs, but that’s not the perk’s fault, it’s the July update’s fault. Its fun. It feels more rare than other perks, and if it’s not, it should be.

Area Damage -   This one is fine too, I think. Again, overpowered on GKs when combined with Reflection, but it’s not the perk’s fault. It’s very useful on certain builds, not as useful on most. But nice to have. Maybe a little underpowered, if anything, although I’ve never played with a full-strength Firebringer.

Move Speed -  It’s nice to have as an option, but that’s about it. It’s never something I really wish I had more of.

Health  - This is one where it just seems like the values on the perks are half of what they should be. It’s a nice perk, don’t get me wrong, and health is important, but a max forged health perk is in no way impactful, where just about every other max forged perk is good. Except regen.

Damage -  I think you got the values about right on this one, unlike Health. Not overpowering, but not useless either.

Leadership -  Ditto.  Maybe better than that. A leadership cursed perk is nice.



Very nice explanation as it is today, and would actually agree with pretty much everything above.  

The only thing I would say for me is that demolition is a must on every hero, due to the health of some of the barricades and towers we find, and damage doesn’t really scale up that much with ascension. Demolition being the oddessy bonus leveller (so please no nerf!!) 

Higher weapon speed affects pretty much every other perk and damage, since putting it on most heroes they perform soo much better, can’t really overstate the importance of att speed.

I would have phys res on every un- shielded hero as a half decent Gk can kill a hero without phys res. 

I would bring lighting res for solo hero like Herc, and maybe only if there are 3 apollo towers in one place - 2 you can sneak by even in solo mode. 

Wow, thanks for taking the time for this detailed overview. I have forwarded it to the devs!

Ps:  Hey Philstar and Dumpster -  glad to see you both actually agree on something for once :heart:?:heart:

Thanks for making the list

Agree with that mostly Dumpster.

I feel lightning is important as often a corner will have 2 or 3 Apollo that can mow you down double quick without lightning resistance. Plus, many take Griffins in numbers for the GK, lightning resistance negates them.

Adding to the point about physical resistance. Surely the double sword hero’s who are lacking that extra physical and another resistance  shield should have more attack power? Two swords and all that, but mostly it’s the other way around, certainly for Oddeseus, Ariadne and to a lesser extent Jason.

I ranked it a step down from fire and poison because it’s really only useful (on offense) when a map does have one of those corners with 2 or 3 (blessed) apollo towers. Not every map has that, unlike fire damage (iapetos, phoenix, promethius). And poison is a single tower damage as well, but it’s impossible to dodge. Lighting isn’t always easy to dodge, but it is possible.

I agree with this. I would like to see non-shield-bearers at least be able to refine extra perks onto their weapons, or something similar to that.

I think it’s always nice but it’s hero dependent whether it’s necessary or not. My two best heroes don’t have a stitch and they’re my two best heroes.

Agree with the above, in many cases now a hero without a shield is a 2nd rate hero, 4 less slots to add some sort of refine if needed, and with the increased damage of all the towers coming soon, those lack of 2 resistance slots will make a difference.  It would be good to have extra % when refining non shield heroes like maybe 5% per perk at a guess to make up for their one less gear.  

Or make a new item that only non-shield bearers use - like a lucky rabbits foot (or bracelet, etc) which can hold 2 perks similar to a ring, but can only be used by non shield bearers.