Ciao rr2 perché non fate più offerte per le perle?


Good question

For anyone that is wondering, reginalaura764 is asking why there are not more offers to acquire Pearls.

There are, Regina Laura, but as a second derivative.

There is a standing offer to buy Diamonds.

Use diamonds to upgrade your Blacksmith.  More pearls.

Use diamonds to upgrade your farms.  More Food = more raids = more chests and items = More Pearls

Use diamonds to upgrade your taverns. More Gold = Shop at Granny = Items = Meltdown = Pearls

Diamonds are a superior currency to pearls.  Therefore, diamonds can be spent to significantly enhance your ability to acquire pearls.  

don’t put the others in wrong direction please its important to explain carefully each stuffs for new player who are unfamiliar with the game

Use gems to upgrade your blacksmith is totally non sense. You use gold to upgrade your Blacksmith at max and reducing the melting time. For melting slots wait a Blacksmith Event to have 50% reduction. At this moment you unlock the melting slots with gems. slots 1 to 4 can be done with quests,chests,defense,etc… Slots 5 by the 1000 gems dungeon, slots 6 by Pearls Diver quest and 7-8 by the rest of quests,defense,chest and others dungeons gems,etc…

Use gems to upgrade your farms is totally non sense. You use gold to upgrade your Farms at max. Use video to boost your farms to have more food.  That give you more fight and give you more chance to open chests in Chamber of Fortune. You can also combined Boosted Farms + Farmer perk for more fight. All in this game is random so its not necessary pearls you get in chest. Can be items or gold. For more chance your Treasury chamber must be full and then you do your fight 

Use gems to upgrade taverns is totally non sense. You use gold to upgrade your taverns at max and watch video to boost your taverns for more gold. that allow you to buy cheap items at Granny shop for melting for pearls.

Don’t waste your gems for useless stuffs. wait event like Alliance Party for Alliance tower, Blacksmith event for Blacksmith melting slot reduced prize and buy Hero inventory at 50%,etc…

If you waste your gems to upgrade your Hero levels is totally non sense and useless.

Gems are for blacksmith melting slots, Alliance Tower and Hero Inventory. When you have upgrade all max after you can use gems to remove items perk, scrolls and others stuffs