Permanent attack of the same player

Hello, I am new on the forum but not on RR2, currently I am attacked every day by the same day and it becomes annoying. It takes me about 3 million gold coins a day, it is KRAL of the alliance TURKISH FORCE.
I made a friend request with his boss and him to ask to stop, but the 2 requests are rejected.


If looking at your attack history makes you annoyed and sad, then stop looking at it. Seriously, just stop. Don’t look at it anymore.

Other than that your best way forward is to keep building your defense. Make sure you improve your defense everyday. Someday things will improve.

Wait for their boosts to be over then attack his base until you beat him. Use hammer/ firestorm / sonic. Use Surprise mummy / blasters / monk. take tammy with you.

If you need more time use stun in place of firestorm. Take your time build up army run forward and back and you will beat him eventually. don’t worry about losing trophies and bread you will get those back without any problems.

If you want to protect gold then spend it on upgrades and don’t leave any in the hopper. Also a thought would be to use it as bait to get gems from lower level players below you who are weaker. That is what I do to earn some xtra gems overnight. 

Only worry about the things that cannot be taken from you let that be someone else problem. 

If that does not help then just see if there is a lower rank player in their team and attack the sh*t out of them and get them to quit. I know seems kinda crazy but it works if you are relentless. The fact is it is not easy to get new team members with a decreasing player base in game. So that loss of multiple low players will hurt the team more than that piss amount of gold that fool is taking.



Again there should be a better way to communicate with people in this game without that friend request BS.

Favorites can be attacked even by a friend.This game is such a game.

Let’s guess the reason for being attacked.

Let’s think about whether it is an attractive defense that you want to put in your favorite.

Trophy · GOLD · Experience value · Short time to capture…Such an account is attractive enough to know the name.

These are attractive too and may come to raid three times every hour… they are in such a condition they will not hear anything.???

If you do not want to be attacked a lot…Let them lose what they want.

Another possibility is that you made them angry. If they see this forum and find their name in this way, they will get angry…?!?

There is no choice but to wait for the anger to quench… ???


If you say what else you can do…

Members of the alliance in the same country have a leader who wants to avoid the raid.

(As long as our relationship is not bad)

The reason is that leaders are always looking for talent who will become a new member.

If you are a good game player and a good member…The attack may cease when entering the alliance of the same country.

If it still seems to continue, you may ask the alliance leaders there to negotiate.


I have a regular attacker. Comes and raids me on almost a daily basis.

Sometimes I test his/her base but usually get my pound of flesh in gold lost back so I am oke with that even if I never make it all the way to the gate. Mind you this player is 90ish while I still not have left the high 50ish level. Once I forgot to use up my gold and lost 129.000 gold to another player (ofcourse again a higher level player - was 25 levels higher then me I think) but his/her base was a mess as I took a shot at it. Made 1.000.000 gold in a row just raiding this base of this lousy unimpressive bully.

Was rather disappointed though but sometimes attacking back has it’s rewards (atleast in gold that is).

BTW unimpressive bullies become my personal cash-cows. If I am in short supply of gold now I will raid their bases for my next build/upgrade even if they are 20 or more levels higher then me.


Note: some high-level bullies really are on my sh**-list and they can find me coming back with maximum vengeance (aka I might just pop up 4 times or more over the course of a day) as their attacker if they annoyed me with an easy base which grants me high profits made per raid in gold.

actually I am attacked very often because I often have a lot of gold coins. As I play a lot it’s normal, and getting attacked does not bother me, it’s part of the game (you attack / you’re attacked). But what is the logic of attacking the same person 20 times a day. Only tonight he attacked me 14 times.
And you’re right, this player is not good, these defenses are bad he’s level 91 and I’m sure a level 70 can beat him easily.
In our alliance a behavior of a player like that is excluded


Why would you exclude what is very active player? It makes absolutely no sense and I bet your alliance won’t get very far that way.

Most players don’t even make 14 attacks all week outside of events. That guys is making 14 attacks per night and that’s only against you. He’s probably doing a lot more attacks against other people too. That’s a very active player and any alliance should welcome a player like that (if he met the other requisites, ofc).


Don’t worry about why he’s attacking you. Don’t waste your time thinking about it. Let the reasons up to him.

Just keep playing and improving every day. He’ll eventually get bored and move on, or lose.

I am not telling you how to play this game best but I will tell you I build stuff that requires a lot of Gold. At this time the only building left in the inner circle for me to upgrade is the Blacksmith. All other inner circle buildings are already maxed out. I only have Towers/Spells/Troops/Farms/Barricades/Blockades/Troops and  Jester boxes to max out.

I never worry about loosing Gold simple as I have little to take away between builds/upgrades and yet when I need 15mil Gold I get in 5 minutes flat. Also note I rarely even attack my “cash-cows” to get Gold nor do I enter Alliance-wars/Pro-league or general events like the Ninja events etc.

Try thinking more outside-of-the-box because if you time things right and do a little preparation getting the Gold needed to build stuff is just mouse clicks away.

Btw I have yet to spent a “dime” in real cash on this game so don’t assume I pay to get Gold with Dollars/Euro’s/Pounds/Yen or whatever currency you pay with in real live.

Every Gold-coin I use in this game I got through patience/time only.

its funny people who complain about be attacked in a tower defense game. Its the main goal. Attack —> get Gold -----> Improve stuffs and restart and so on… If you don’t like to be attacked you have some choice :

1.Stop playing RR2 and become inactives after 7 days because its not your kind of game (if you like take your time because you are inactive or whatever play Olympus Rising this game accumule resources and no one can stole you them)

2.Stop crying and put effort and time to improve your defense and forge it at +50 each

3.Do like everyone do… attack him non stop or create a second account and attack him with both non stop. When he gonna lose 200 trophy or more maybe he will stop. ( I have use this way to stop someone who attack me like 20 times a day.Now he attack me 1 or 2 time a day)

if you don’t like this 3 option well…nothing we can do about it I guess

PS : Be lucky to be attacked by a very active player. This game need it

The root cause is that there is no gold in the RR2 economy. 


Max out your taverns and activate your gold boosts daily with videos. You will get 1. 5mil gold every hour. You will also be attacked more, but you will never loose more than you are generating. 

Pretty sure you may get 15k an hour (unboosted) per tavern:

But maxing out taverns + vault + boost will be a step the right direction.

Farmer Boost and Good Luck If you are superior
Furthermore, if you have a good silo · good farm?

If you log in and have 1400 silo bread and farm bread…For example, you need 50 breads for a single raid with farmer boost.&The farm level is 16

1400÷50=28 260x4÷50=20 You can attack 48 times. Of course, the account going to the raid chooses the course which can easily capture.

The purpose is a small room of a secret treasure box.If you go 48 times in a row, will not GOLD gather as much as you can upgrade?

Do not forget to boost first at the four farms! Continue raid until it is enough if it is not enough for the upgrade.

You must not sleep until you upgrade.? If you do it everyday it will be strong enough after six months.Can you do it?

I tend to disagree with @aslan. Seems to me you would be continuously running uphill for the goal of getting your next upgrade and it would be tiring at some point.

Sure, you keep attacking and when you win you do get the Gold to be able to upgrade. To me though at some point you would not gain enough Gold to support both the base and your gear unless you supplement your profits with paid-for-resources.

You would also have less chooses in available troops. To get levels on your Ogre, Gargoyle, Mummy or Werewolf your still need food. The deeper you get into those dungeons the more food you need just to start a dungeon-battle.

Yes you are correct. And it is 78k when boosted. Meaning about 1mil / 3 hours 

@CaptainRoyalRevolt   I just explained “farmer boost” and “lucky” enough to get GOLD for upgrade.(Magic · unit · defense · buildings are all)

There is no interruption due to lack of bread. This is easy to operate while watching TV.

You only have to attack the open bases that you registered in favorites.

You will not need a shield no matter how much you are attacked after going to bed as soon as you have upgraded everything you decided on that day.

It is an efficient way with less labor and less waste.

If you go to a deep dungeon you have to raise the hero level a lot and have to strengthen magic and units.

To gain a good farmer boost and good luck it is important to raise the hero level… Rome wasn’t built in a day



He is correct, with farm gear I can raid 85 times on farm and silo. If done right (100% Raids) can get plenty of gold from COF to do whatever upgrades needed. 

What is your IGN (screen name)? You sound like easy money.  Never enough of those. 


and you what is your pseudo you look pretentious